Why Do You Measure a Horse in Hands?

Why are horses measured in hands? Thousands of years ago, there were no measuring tapes lying around (or a metric system, for that matter). People needed a way of measuring their riding horses for purposes of selling and trading, and so they used a unit of measurement that they always had with them – their hands.

Why do we use hands to measure a horse?

Horses are measured by hands because they didn’t have standard measuring tools in ancient societies, so they commonly used hands to measure horses; this tradition continues to the present. One hand is considered 4 inches, so a 15-hand horse is 60 inches tall.

Are horses the only thing measured in hands?

However, horses are not exclusively measured in hands. In some countries and for FEI competition, horses are measured in centimeters. Ponies, miniature horses, and other diminutive equines may also be measured in centimeters or in inches rather than hands.

What is tack as relating to a horse?

Tack is the equipment needed to ride a horse. Outfitting a horse for a ride is called tacking up. Cinch: The strap that goes around a horse’s belly to secure the saddle in place. This is the Western-style term for the strap. In English riding, it’s called a girth.

How tall is a 14 hands high horse?

In English–speaking countries, horses are measured in “hands,” or four–inch increments, a measurement that originated in ancient Egypt. For example, a horse that measures 56 inches from the ground up to the top of the withers is 14 hands high, or 14 hh.

Is a nag a female horse?

The definition of a nag is a horse, particularly an old one or one in poor condition, or a person who constantly urges, annoys or scolds. An example of nag is a former racehorse which has had many injuries. An example of nag is a wife who constantly reminds her husband of the tasks he has to complete.

What animal is called a nag?

: horse especially : one that is old or in poor condition.

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