Why do equestrians wear vests?

An equestrian safety vest is a piece of rider’s upper-body apparel worn over the torso. It is used to reduce the injury when falling off the horse to the ground. The vest absorbs the impact of hitting the ground and distributes the effects of the shock.

Why do horse riders wear a vest?

Horse-riding vests, also known as equestrian protective riding vests or safety vests, are designed for riders seeking additional protection for the torso area. Horse-riding vests are a piece of equestrian gear that can help reduce the impact on a rider who falls, shielding the spine, ribs, and internal organs.

Are body protectors necessary?

No body protector can prevent serious injury in every situation, but they can increase the chances of staying alive and reduce the severity of injuries.

How do equestrian safety vests work?

The vests have a lanyard that attaches to the saddle. When a rider parts ways with the saddle, the lanyard triggers the activation device, which punctures an air canister, instantly inflating the vest before the rider hits the ground.

When should you wear a body protector horse riding?

Since in the case of a fall in the open country one could sometimes hit hard ground and obstacles such as branches or road signs or stones could also increase the risk of injury, a protector is recommended when riding in the open country.

What is an air jacket for horse riding?

Air jackets are considered a top-up to your foundation garment, which should be a BETA Level 3 body protector if you event. They effectively extend the area of protection on the body, which would restrict your ability to ride if they were fully inflated all the time. This is why they are triggered by a fall.

How do you attach a hit air vest to a western saddle?

Inflatable Protective Vest Attachment to Western Saddle with Strap

Do motorcycle air vests work?

Now Available: Airbag Jackets for Motorcyclists – Inflation with most models happens within milliseconds. Statistics indicate that forward momentum in a crash is reduced by roughly 60 percent for the rider in an airbag vest or jacket, and head trauma is reduced by approximately 80 percent.


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