Who wrote I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name?

Dewey Bunnell

Who originally sang A Horse with No Name?

“A Horse with No Name”
Songwriter(s)Dewey Bunnell
Producer(s)Ian Samwell
America singles chronology
“A Horse with No Name” (1971) “I Need You” (1972)

What is slang for horse?

gee-gee (slang) mare.

Who was the lead singer in America?

Dan Peek

How many members of Three Dog Night are still alive?

The founding members and lead vocalists of Three Dog Night were Danny Hutton, Cory Wells and Chuck Negron, and actually two out of the three, Hutton and Negron are both still alive; however, only one is still in the band.

What genre is a horse with no name?


Who sang Ventura Highway?


Is the song Horse With No Name about drugs?

“Horse” is slang for heroin, leading to myriad rumors (denied by the band) that the song was about drugs. Dewey Bunnell played 6-string acoustic guitar on this track; his bandmate Gerry Beckley played 12-string acoustic, and the third member of the group, Dan Peek, played bass.

What horse was the inspiration for a chart topper in 1972?

This four-week chart topper was the band’s most famous single. The lyrical inspiration, said the author Dewey Bunnell, was from his family travels through the Arizona and the New Mexico desert.

Is the band America still together?

With the top down and the music up, what better way to drive toward Ventura, California, than with the guys who made the song “Ventura Highway” a hit. Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley of the band America are in their 50th year making music together.

What year did Band On The Run by paul mccartney come out?


Did the horse with no name have a name?

But the controversy surrounding the song wasn’t that the horse didn’t have a name, it was that some radio stations refused to play it because of its supposed references to heroin use. “Horse” is a slang term for heroin.

What is a Roached mane?

Roaching or hogging is when the mane, and sometimes forelock, is completely shaven. This is usually done if a horse’s mane is quite ragged, or for certain disciplines such as polo, polocrosse, and calf roping, to keep the mane out of the way.

What year was Horse With No Name made?


Who originally sang Sister Golden Hair?

“Sister Golden Hair”
Songwriter(s)Gerry Beckley
Producer(s)George Martin
America singles chronology
“Lonely People” (1974) “Sister Golden Hair” (1975) “Daisy Jane” (1975)

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