Who manufactures Nutrena horse feed?

1957 — The research farm is established in Elk River, MN. 1965 — Cargill purchases Pillsbury’s feed division. The Nutrena brand begins to appear as Cargill Nutrena. 1969 — The Quaker Oats plant is purchased and rebuilt to Nutrena specifications.

Who makes Nutrena horse feed?

The short answer is that, according to the September 5, 2017 edition of Forbes, Cargill (which also owns Nutrena Horse Feeds) is the largest privately-held corporation in the United States.

Is Triple Crown horse feed made by Purina?

2. Did Purina buy Triple Crown? No. Triple Crown continues to be a privately owned company; as it has been since 1989.

Where is Nutrena horse feed made?

Cargill, the maker of Nutrena brand products, manufactures its U.S. products entirely within the United States but those products do, in some instances, contain ingredients imported from outside the United States.

Who is Nutrena?

Since 1921, the Nutrena brand has been an industry leader in animal nutrition research and science, customer service and marketing innovations. For animals, health and happiness go hand in hand. Both are a result of the quality of care they get from owners raising them to be their best.

Where is Triple Crown feed manufactured?

Purina will be manufacturing Triple Crown products at Harrisburg, PA, Statesville, NC, Gainesville, GA, Nashville, TN, Massillon, OH and Mulberry, FL. During the startup phase, Purina is committed to interplant shipment of products to meet demand. 7.

How do you become a Triple Crown feed dealer?

  1. 15+ (if under 18, parental consent required)
  2. Active rider and horse owner.
  3. Use Triple Crown products exclusively, or with at least 50% of horses, for 1 year.
  4. Compete in 10 to 15 shows and/or events per year.
  5. Appear at public events: clinician, host shows, conduct riding camps, etc.


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