Who is the main character of Horseland?

How old are the girls in HorseLand?

Chloe Stilton and Chili – Chloe is 12 years old and the twin sister of Zoey, and one of the two anti-heroes of the series. Chloe is the oldest twin and a confident, skilled young girl who likes to let other people know of her talents.

What kind of horse is button Horseland?

Button is a black and white pinto mare with green highlights in her mane. Her symbol is a clover, representing luck. Her owner is Alma, whom she has been with for ten years, coming from Mexico to Horseland when Alma and her family moved.

How old is Horseland?

Horseland was an online community and browser game where members took care of, bred, trained and showed horses and dogs. Begun in 1994 in the United States, Horseland had grown to have more than 8 million users who played from all over the world.

How old was will from HorseLand?

Wiliam “Will” Taggert is a 15-year-old boy. He is Bailey’s cousin, Sarah’s love interest, has lived with Bailey’s family ever since he was a little boy. His horse is Jimber.

What breed is scarlet from HorseLand?

Scarlet is a female, black Shagya Arabian mare. She has a long, midnight black mane with three, scarlet-red highlights and blue eyes.

How old is Bailey from Horseland?

Bailey Handler and Aztec – Bailey is the 19-year-old son of the Horseland owners.



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