Who does the FEI represent?

Financial Executives International (FEI) is a leading association comprised of members who hold positions as Chief Financial Officers, Chief Accounting Officers, Controllers, Treasurers, and Tax Executives at companies in every major industry.

What does the FEI stand for?

The International Federation for Equestrian Sports (French: Fédération Équestre Internationale, FEI) is the international governing body of equestrian sports.

What is the role of the FEI?

The FEI’s mission is to drive and develop equestrian sport globally in a modern, sustainable and structured manner with guaranteed integrity, athlete welfare, equal opportunity and a fair and ethical partnership with the horse.

Why is equestrian in the Olympics?

Although equestrian is a contentious sport, it is nevertheless included in the Olympics because of its use of horses and its categorization as a sport. As a type of exhibition and competitive horseback riding, equestrian is frequently regarded as a mix of art and sport.

What is an equestrian grand prix?

Grand Prix: the highest level of show jumping. Run under International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) rules, the horse jumps a course of 10 to 16 obstacles, with heights up to 1.6 meters (5 feet 3 inches) and spreads of up to 2.0 metres (6 ft 7 in).

What does FEI stand for in construction?

FEIFully Electronic Ignition
FEIFacilities Engineering Items
FEIFlight Engineer Instructor
FEIFunctionally Emulative Increment

How many FEI are there?

The list of the 136 National Federations currently affiliated to the FEI can be found in FEI Database.

How do you become a FEI member?

Applicants for Executive membership must meet the specified requirements, and must hold a FEI qualifying title. $10 million or more in annual revenues. $40 million total assets (Government corporations / authorities).

How do you get to FEI?

Step 1: You need to login to the FEI Entry System (https://entry.fei.org) with your FEI ID number and password. Step 2: You search for the Event in which you wish to make an entry. You can search by Venue Name or by using the filters available. Once you have found the Event you are looking for you click on NF Entries.

What is a 5 star event?

A 5 Star event (CCI5*-L) is the pinnacle of the sport of eventing. It consists of the most advanced form of competition as it pertains to the skill level executed in the field of dressage, as well as, tougher terrain and obstacles in both cross-country and stadium jumping.

Why is it called Prix St George?

The event is named after Haras de Saint-Georges, a stud farm near Moulins owned by Emmanuel d’Harcourt (1844–1928). The race was established in 1929, and the first running was won by Clarawood. The Prix de Saint-Georges was cancelled in 1940, and held at Maisons-Laffitte from 1943 to 1945.

What level of dressage do you wear tails?

Junior level dressage is at M/Medium Advanced level and tails are mostly worn as of Prix St Georges level (i.e. Young Riders).

What is PSG in dressage?

Prix St Georges is the beginning of the international levels of dressage. This level is governed by the FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale. A horse competing at this level must be a minimum of 7 years of age.

What does CDI stand for in dressage?

CDI stands for Concours de Dressage International (International Dressage Event) and recognized by the world governing body of equestrian sports, theFédération Equestre Internationale (F.E.I.).

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