Which horse show event uses English riding?

Eventing. Eventing is the most versatile of the English riding disciplines. Many refer to it as an equestrian triathlon. Those who pursue eventing must be proficient in dressage, cross country, as well as show jumping.

What is the English riding competition called?

This type of competition is called dressage. The rider and the horse ride through a small arena and demonstrate the different gaits that the horse has. Dressage is actually extremely hard.

What is a Western horse show?

Western pleasure competitions are all about demonstrating that a horse is a pleasure to ride. Judges look for smooth and slow gaits, but also that the horse is very responsive to the cues from the rider. In western pleasure competitions, the rider must perform three different gaits two times with their horse.

What is the difference in riding English and Western?

In English riding, the rider takes the reins in both hands and uses them to control the speed and direction of the horse through the mouth. In Western riding, on the other hand, the rider uses a single hand to hold the reins.

What is an English horse show?

Local English shows—non-discipline specific. These shows are usually considered fun shows or schooling shows. These shows are for those who are just starting out. They generally consist of the walk, trot, canter classes, the Go-As-You-Please classes, a leadline class, and maybe even a few jumping classes.

What are categories in horse shows?

There are three main divisions at a hunter/jumper horse show: hunter, jumper and equitation. In all three, a rider guides a horse over a set course of obstacles in a ring. However, each is scored differently. The jumper discipline is scored based on the objective speed and accuracy the rider has over the course.

When did English horse riding start?

The first mention of riding horses was in 700,000 BC in Suffolk and 500,000 BC Boxgrove in West Sussex has been recorded as being a natural habitat of the horse. Ancient British armies during the period when the Romans conquered England were said to have comprised of thousands of chariots pulled by horses.

What horse breeds are used for English riding?

  • Clydesdale. Made famous by the Budweiser ads, these horses are not just pretty pullers of beer carts.
  • Percheron. This intelligent, gentle and willing draft breed was originally a war horse.
  • The American Paint Horse.
  • Morgan.

Is Western riding easier than English?

English riding involves a bit more balance and coordination of the reins and legs, so riders may not feel immediately secure in the saddle. The larger Western saddle makes it easier for the beginner to sit comfortably and feel more secure.

What is the best type of riding horse?

  • Considered America’s first breed in the 18th century, the Morgan is known for being kind and courageous.
  • They are particularly eager to please and will work hard to try to figure out what their rider is asking of them.


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