Where is the NRHA Derby?

Or spin around in a circle so fast it looks like a blur? If not, you’re in for a treat when you head to Oklahoma State Fair Park June 15-26 for the 2022 Four Sixes Ranch National Reining Horse Association Derby presented by Markel.

Where is the NRHA Derby held?

The 2021 6666 NRHA Derby was held June 19-27 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Who won the NRHA Derby?

Jack Medows and Dream On Whiz took home the 6666 NRHA Derby presented by Markel Level 3 Non Pro championship after marking a 217.5. The duo also tied for fifth in the Level 4 for their efforts inside the Jim Norick Arena on Friday night.

What does NRHA stand for with horses?

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote the reining horse. National Reining Horse Association. Sport. Reining. Founded.

What does the NRHA do?

The National Rural Health Alliance represents 44 national organisations working to improve the health and wellbeing of 7 million people in rural and remote Australia. This large and diverse membership gives the Alliance a comprehensive and authentic view of the health interests of rural and remote Australia.

What does NHRA stand for?

The National Hot Rod Association, the largest auto racing organization in the world, has come a long way since Wally Parks founded it in 1951.

Who won the NRHA Derby 2021?

Jack Medows & Tribbiani Win Level 4 Non Pro Championship at 6666 NRHA Derby presented by Markel.

When was the NRHA founded?

Founded in 1966, the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of the reining horse in a fun-filled, family atmosphere. It serves as the standard setting body for the sport of reining worldwide.


2020 NRHA Derby – Jason Vanlandingham

2022 NRHA Derby – Shawn Flarida

2022 NRHA Derby – Eric Grondin

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