Where is the best place to store a saddle?

It’s best to keep your saddle in a climate controlled tack room where temperatures will not be extremely hot or extremely cold. Saddles do best when stored in a cool, dry room.

Where should I store my saddle?

It’s best to keep your saddle on a saddle stand or saddle rack whenever it isn’t on a horse. Good saddle stands will keep the bars supported and the skirts flat. Most commercially made stands or wall racks are fine. If you want to build a saddle rack yourself, be sure it supports your saddle properly.

Should saddles be stored indoors?

ALL YEAR ROUND Store your saddle and tack indoors if possible. A more consistent temperature with good ventilation is best.

How do you hang a saddle?

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How do you make a saddle rack?

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How do you store a Western saddle pad?

Saddle Pads: Saddle pads benefit from proper storage to keep them in shape and dry. Keep saddle pads in top shape with a saddle pad rack, either single or multiple styles, mounted to the wall. Or utilize a traditional multi-blanket rack and hang your saddle pads over the bars.

How do you store a saddle on a rack?

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