Where is the best place to buy a horse in Star Stable?

The Horse Market is run by Ferdinand and Eddie and is located outside the entrance of Fort Pinta. As the name implies, they have a ton of different horses to offer that can’t be purchased anywhere else!

Is there a free horse in Star Stable?

Free Horse + Pet Star Stable Online Birthday Gifts

Where can you buy ponies in Star Stable?

The Gen 3 Jorvik Ponies are sold for 350 SC. All six variations and can be found on the Pony barge at Fort Pinta.

How much is a Gotland SSO?

The Gotland Pony is a Gen 3 breed that is sold for 750 SC. All six variations can be found at South Hoof Farm.

What is the smallest SSO horse?

The Jorvik Pony is a fictional pony breed available is Star Stable Online and Star Stable Horses.

Where is Chincoteague ponies SSO?

The updated Chincoteague Pony! Where can I get it? One of the ponies is located in Fort Pinta, while the other two can be found at the South Hoof Peninsula Farm.

What is the code for free Star coins?

LVUSF200 Star Coins
IFOUNDCHAUN2019150 Star Coins
8ISGREAT7 days of Star Rider (for new players only)
CELEBR8ION150 Star Coins, Masquerade Mask, Hat Bridle Decoration, Flower Bouquet for Saddle

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