Where do New Forest ponies go in winter?

Exact location often depends on the time of year and weather conditions – winter, for example, will often find New Forest ponies deep in the woods, sheltering from the wind and cold, whilst at other times of year, they are more likely to be out in the open.

What happens to New Forest ponies?

Each year, the ponies are rounded up in what are called drifts. Over thirty of these drifts take place during the summer and autumn each year giving the commoners a chance to check the health of their animals and wean and handle the foals.

Who looks after horses in New Forest?

Who owns the ponies? All the ponies, donkeys, cows and pigs that you will see roaming in the New Forest belong to local people called ‘commoners’ who have the right to graze their animals on the open Forest throughout the year (or part of the year in the case of pigs).

Do New Forest ponies get stolen?

This was usually as a result of horse-trading or swapsies between each other. The often-repeated assumption that New Forest ponies are wild and ownerless has led people to commit ‘horse-rustling’ and actually steal one.

Can you feed The New Forest ponies?

Feeding ponies causes serious issues in the New Forest and is against byelaws. Some ponies and donkeys develop an unhealthy craving for human food and become aggressive with people who, quite rightly, try to keep their picnics to themselves.

Why do some New Forest ponies have collars?

The maximum speed limit is 40mph on unfenced forest roads and the use of reflective collars on ponies is a measure some Commoners are now using in an attempt to reduce the number of accidents involving ponies.

Do New Forest ponies get culled?

This is how the population of the New Forest ponies is managed today – and not by culling, as happens in some wild horse populations in other countries – however, there were attempts in Tudor times to improve the breed by slaughtering smaller, under-height animals.

Where do the horses roam in the New Forest?

Burley Village – Ponies (and cattle) roam freely around the village and thatched cottages of Burley, a town that oozes old world charm.

Are there New Forest ponies in Lymington?

The New Forest holds one the largest remaining tracts of unenclosed pasture land, heathland and forest. Here the wild New Forest ponies run free. Their calm temperament makes them majestic and a true sight to see.

Where do horses roam free in the UK?

No, there are no truly wild horses in England. However there are herds of free-roaming ponies that live in wild conditions in various protected areas, such as The New Forest, Dartmoor and Exmoor.

Where is the best place to see animals in the New Forest?

To be in with the best chance, start with New Forest Wildlife Park at Ashurst. Here, you can get up close to the sika, fallow and roe deer that roam freely within the park. See if you can spot the resident adders, water voles and owls, as well as the non-native animals, including the popular wallabies and lynx.

Where are the donkeys in the New Forest?

You can usually find some donkeys in the New Forest villages. Head into the forest, near to Fordingbridge and you will often find a cluster of donkeys at Hyde Common. They are also often spotted near the pubs of The Royal Oak at North Gorley and The Foresters Arms, Frogham.

Which woodland area of Hampshire is famous for its ponies?

Spread across 350 square miles in the south of England, the New Forest National Park is known for its unspoilt woodland, open heathland, river valleys, and of course, its thriving population of wild ponies.

What Colour are New Forest ponies?

According to the New Forest Pony Breeding Society, they may be any colour “except piebald, skewbald, spotted or blue eyed cream”. Most commonly, they are a bay or chestnut colour. They can also have white markings only on their head and/or limbs, and have eyes of any colour except blue.

Why is the New Forest called the New Forest?

William the Conqueror created it as his ‘new hunting forest’ naming it ‘Nova Foresta’, which evolved into its English name meaning ‘New Forest’. The term “forest” referred not to trees but an area subject to Forest Law, reserving the pursuit of beasts within it exclusively for the king and his officers.

What is a metal curry comb used for horses?

Plastic and rubber curry combs are used to remove mud, sweat, loose hair and grease from a horses body. Metal curry combs are used to clean body brushes and are not typically used on the horse itself.

What do New Forest ponies eat in winter?

In the summer, ponies will eat rich grasses, creating the close cropped (short) lawns of the New Forest which are important for rare flowers and insect species. In the winter their diet is more varied. Green plants such as holly and gorse are incredibly nutritious for them.

Who owns the New Forest horses?

All ponies grazing on the New Forest are owned by New Forest commoners – people who have “rights of common of pasture” over the Forest lands. An annual marking fee is paid for each animal turned out to graze.

Where did New Forest ponies come from?



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