Where are devoucoux saddles made?

Are devoucoux saddles wool flocked?

Beautiful Devoucoux Biarritz with a semi-deep seat, long/forward flaps, a medium fit and hard-to-find wool flocked panels that can be adjusted.

What is D3D devoucoux?

With D3D Technology, Devoucoux takes craftsmanship to a new dimension. The use of 3D scanners, together with the latest modeling software, allows us to devise the most sophisticated padding in terms of performance and comfort for you and your horse.

How do you read a devoucoux saddle stamp?

The letter following the length number describes the angle of the flap; C being more forward while L is standard (more straight). Seat Width: E = narrow, N = standard, L = wide, XL = extra-wide. M15 T1 indicates that the saddle was made with standard panels.

What saddle does Beezie Madden use?

Beezie Madden is among that elite group of rider. Her saddler of choice, Voltaire Design. Because if you’re going to have your pick of saddle companies, you go with the one willing to tweak their products to your personal specifications.


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