When to Mate Horses?

An ideal age to breed is from 4 to 12, but this does not mean you can’t breed older mares – some mares still conceive and carry healthy foals into their mid twenties!

What is the best time to breed a horse?

Mares are at their most fertile in the spring and early summer and the gestation time is about 11 months. So a breeding in September or October can result in an August or September foal. It is safest to have a foal in the spring before the weather gets too hot.

How do you tell if a mare has been bred?


If you think that your mare has conceived, one way to check is to take her back to a stallion two weeks after covering to observe her behaviour. If she is receptive to the stallion, showing her rear and raising her tail as she would during heat then the likelihood is that she is not in foal.

Does a mare have to be in heat to breed?

Breeding, whether through live cover or artificial insemination, should occur as close to ovulation as possible. To do this we must track a mare’s heat cycle. Your mare has a 21-day cycle, she will be in “heat” for roughly 5-7 days and will ovulate in the last 24-36 hours of heat.

What is wet mare?

Mares that have a foal at foot are known as wet mares. The mares first cycle after foaling typically occurs at around six to twelve days post foaling which is called a foal heat. Mares generally ovulate at around day 10 after foaling but this can vary. We start teasing a wet mare at 6 days post foaling.

What are dry mares?

Dry Mares are Important

Mineral balancer pellets are a simple and cost effective way to fill the nutrient gaps left by pasture without providing excess calories that will make them fat.

Is July too late to breed a mare?

Most breeders agree that the ideal time for a foal to be born is between May and July, when most grass is available to help the mare’s milk supply. Since equine pregnancies run around 11 months, this generally means that an owner will want to get a mare in foal as early in the Spring as possible.

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