What’s the difference between a saddle pad and a numnah?

A numnah is similar in function to a saddle cloth, however, it is more like a saddle pad. Essentially the main difference between a numnah and a saddle cloth is the fact that a numnah is shaped around the saddle, and a cloth is usually a square piece of material.

What does a numnah do?

A numnah is a pad of sheepskin or wool that goes under the saddle to keep the saddle clean and to cushion the horse’s or pony’s back.

How do you put a numnah on a saddle?

  1. There should be a clear margin between the edge of the saddle and the numnah or saddle pad to prevent pressure points (approx 1 inch/2cm all the way around the saddle).
  2. The numnah/saddle pad should sit up into the gullet of the saddle to prevent pressure on the spine.

How do you use numnah?

What are the different types of numnah and saddlepads? – YouTube

What saddle pad do I need?

As a general guideline, it is best to add about 2-3” to the length of your saddle (front to back) to find the correct size pad. A pad that is too small will provide insufficient coverage, while a pad that is too large may impede motion.

What size numnah do I need?

15″ – 15.5″Small
16″ – 16.5″Medium
17″ – 17.5″Large
Over 17.5″Extra Large

What is a western saddle pad?

A western saddle pad or western saddle blanket is probably the most basic form of saddle pad. Made from woven fabric, these saddle pads are simple in design but very versatile. They can be used for a wide range of horses and saddles and come in many different colours and patterns.

How do I choose an English saddle pad?

Determine the pad size by the type of saddle and the seat size (measuring from the screw heads on the pommel’s side to the middle of the cantle). Square pads should show a little in front of the pommel and behind the cantle, but the exact length depends on personal preference and what your horse needs.

How do you use a saddle blanket?

Saddle Pad Fitting – 1″ Wool Saddle Pad & Navajo Blanket – YouTube

What is the purpose of a saddle pad?

The main reasons for using a saddle pad are to protect the under- side of the saddle, to pull heat and moisture away from the horse’s back, to improve saddle fit, and to distribute the forces on the horse’s back more consistently as he moves.

What is numnah in a horse?

Definition of numnah – : a felt or sheepskin pad placed between a horse’s back and the saddle to prevent chafing a soft … numnah under the saddle has been known to cure some buckjumpers— W. A. Kerr.

What are saddle pads made of?

MATERIALS. The primary materials used in saddle pads today are open and closed cell foams, synthetic felts, needled felts, pressed industrial felts, woven blankets, gel packs, synthetic cloth, and air bladders.


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