What type of half pad is best?

  • ECP Equine Comfort Products Correction Half Saddle Pad – Breathable.
  • HORZE Fur Half Pad – Helps minor saddle fit issues.
  • Exselle Half Pad with Wither Relief – Great for high wither horses.
  • Lami-Cell Memory Foam Half Pad – Shock absorbing.

Are sheepskin half pads good?

A sheepskin half pad can provide extra protection to your horse’s back. Sheepskin is a great choice because it also wicks moisture away and keeps your horse more comfortable.

How do you clean ThinLine sheepskin?

The ThinLine foam pad itself does not require washing, but if you choose to do so, ThinLine recommends using baby wipes. You can also hose it off or machine wash (front loader only, cold water, no dryer!). IMPORTANT: Keep your ThinLine away from chemicals such as Show Sheen, Paint thinner Oils, and Leather Conditioner.

Why do people use a half pad?

Half pads are used for shock absorption – Some people use it to absorb shocks during riding. It also minimizes the impact of the saddle and the pressure of the rider. This offers a lot of comfort to the withers and spine which makes it easier for the horse to move around.

What is a limpet pad?

The totally unique open-cell composition of the Limpet Saddle Pad uses the heat of the horse’s back and moisture, to form a bond between the horse and the saddle. This adhesion virtually eliminates saddle slippage.


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