What saddle does Edwina Tops Alexander ride in?

Edwina Tops-Alexander – “I’ve been riding with Amerigo saddles for over 15 years and I can say that I feel totally at one with my horse.

What saddles do top eventers use?

It’s true that many upper-level eventers choose to own two jumping saddles: a padded saddle with an extra-forward flap for cross-country, and a traditional close-contact saddle for show jumping.

Can you event in an all purpose saddle?

This is a good “all around” saddle and would be a good fit for someone looking to be comfortable in their everyday riding whether that means a four hour trail ride or a dressage lesson/jump school. Additionally we have many clients comfortably eventing in this saddle at the lower levels.

How old is Edwina Tops Alexander?

48 years (March 29, 1974)

How many horses does Edwina Tops have?

Edwina and Itot du Chateau during the recent Qatar GCT (Sportfot photo). There are 12 employees, three riders and around 35 horses at Stal Tops, and when Edwina isn’t away (she competes 50 weekends a year), she rides five to eight horses a day. “Some horses I ride twice a day depending on their program.

What helmet does Edwina Tops Alexander wear?

“I’m proud to be an ambassador for Suomy, a leading company in design and construction of protective helmets reserved for sport in various disciplines. Today is a big day, as Suomy is launching Apex, an equestrian helmet with high safety standards and an elegant and minimalist appearance.

Can Amerigo saddles be adjusted?

If your horse changes shape, Amerigo saddles can be adjusted at the head iron to be made wider or narrower as required, up to a maximum of 1.5cm, and a new horse may not automatically mean a new saddle too.

Where are Amerigo Vega saddles made?

Amerigo, established in 1998, are manufacturers of high end saddles and are under the Selleria Equipe umbrella. Amerigo saddles are made in Italy, with Swiss designed panels.

Are Amerigo trees adjustable?

Everyone – horses and riders – deserve a great saddle, and with the Amerigo Vega, it’s possible to have one too. Adjustable in tree width, flap position and length, and seat size.

Can Equipe Saddles be adjusted?

Equipe saddles are unfortunately unable to be altered in the way one may think of a typical adjustable saddle. The foam panels mean that a saddle fitter would not be able to make a great amount of adjustments to your saddle on-site with you and the horse.

How do you fit a jumping saddle?

Jo Jackson’s Top Tips | How to Fit a Jump Saddle – YouTube

How is a jumping saddle different?

What is the Main Difference Between Jumping and Dressage Saddles? The primary difference between jumping and dressage saddles is the depth of the seat pocket. A jumping saddle typically has a flatter seat and is designed to give riders more freedom to move around.


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