What makes a dapple grey horse?

Dappling in grey horses is a consequence of having the grey gene. In some areas of the horse’s coat, the gene may be deactivated. As a result, the dapple patterns appear on the body. This deactivation phenomenon also creates the “flea-bitten” or “speckled grey” pattern in other horses.

How do you get dapple grey horse?

As soon as the foal is born, the dilution gene will begin taking effect. It gradually lightens the coat as the horse ages, until it eventually becomes white. To produce a gray horse, at least one parent must be gray. If you breed a black horse to a gray horse, you have a fifty percent chance of a gray foal.

Do all dapple Greys turn white?

After four years old, the dark hairs will begin to lighten. After six years old, most dapple grey horses’ coats will transpose almost completely white. However, in rare cases, older horses have been known to retain some of their dapples or even have some dappling reappear.

Will all grey horses turn white?

As adults, most gray horses eventually become completely white, though some retain intermixed light and dark hairs. Usually black, except under white markings present at birth. The stages of graying vary widely.

What is a gray speckled horse called?

Dapple gray coloring is gray with distinct white marks splattered throughout the coat. When a dapple gray has black points, it can be called a blue roan as well.

What makes a grey horse grey?

Horses with N/G genotype will be gray and will show a progressive graying of the coat. They may transmit this gray variant to 50% of their offspring. Matings with N/N genotype will result in a 50% chance of producing a gray foal. Horses with G/G genotype will be gray and will show a progressive graying of the coat.

What causes a horse to dapple?

Typically dapples appear after a horse sheds its winter coat growth. They can be difficult to see. Good grooming and health will accentuate them. If your horse is healthy and you groom him properly and regularly, but you still don’t see dapples, he doesn’t have the genes to produce them.

What is a dappled horse?

Dapples are the textured, concentric rings within the coat, and look like amazing darker circles of coat with a lighter color on the inside. They are commonly spotted along the rumps, and sometimes bellies or necks, of some horses. Dapples can be a sign of good health, but sometimes the overweight horse will dapple.


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