What kind of horses did they ride in Scotland?

The Highland Pony is the native horse of the mountain areas of Scotland. (Scotland was once a separate kingdom to the north of England, but signed a treaty with England in 1707 to form the ‘United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’).

What horses originated Scotland?

The Clydesdale horse is a native breed of Scotland originating from the Lanarkshire area. It was originally bred for heavy farm and industrial work and can be seen working as draught horses, in logging, driving and agriculture. Clydesdales can also be ridden and are often seen this way at shows.

What breed of horse does Jamie ride in Outlander season 6?

He’s a big Friesian stallion. He’s a bit of a brute which I love but he’s perfect for the part. I really enjoy working with him.” When asked what his favorite prop on set is by Just Jared, Heughan said, “Probably my horse. He’s not really a prop, in fact, he’s got a life of his own.

What kind of horses are in Outlander?

In the episodes that took place in Scotland, Jamie and Murtagh were riding Friesian horses, Dougal’s horse looked like a Percheron draft, and I am guessing Claire’s white horse from season two was an Andalusian. It’s no surprise Outlander and many other TV shows and movies love to use tall, flashy horses.


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