What is the purpose of the Friesian horse?

The Friesian horse today is used both in harness and under saddle, particularly in the discipline of dressage. In harness, they are used for competitive and recreational driving, both singly and in teams. A traditional carriage seen in some events designed for Friesian horses is a high-wheeled cart called a sjees.

What disciplines are Friesians used for?

Whilst their need as agricultural horses has dwindled with the advent of the engine, Friesians have become increasingly common in equestrian sport, in a wide range of disciplines, including Western, trail riding, saddle seat, and hunt seat equitation, and especially in Driving and Dressage.

Is a Friesian horse a good horse?

Friesian horses are good trail riding horses and are known for their friendly, calm, and even temperament. They are intelligent and eager to please their rider. Friesians possess a willing disposition, intelligence, and gentleness that can make them excellent horses for beginners, provided they are well-trained.

Why did the Friesian horse almost go extinct?

Despite its popularity, the Friesian nearly became extinct during the early part of the 20th century. Because the Friesian excelled in trotting races it was crossed with breeds that increased speed at the expense of the essential type. By 1913, only three Friesian stallions remained in Friesland.

How are Friesian horses named?

Names must be relatively simple, ideally consisting of a single word. Abbreviations of farm names or initials are not allowed to precede a name, but may follow the name if approved by the FHS. Names need not be Dutch.


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