What is the purpose of a Clydesdale horse?

A native Scottish breed – The Clydesdale horse is a native breed of Scotland originating from the Lanarkshire area. It was originally bred for heavy farm and industrial work and can be seen working as draught horses, in logging, driving and agriculture. Clydesdales can also be ridden and are often seen this way at shows.

What are Clydesdale horses good for?

The Clydesdale was originally used for agriculture, hauling coal in Lanarkshire, and heavy hauling in Glasgow. Today, Clydesdales are still used for draught purposes, including agriculture, logging, and driving. They are also shown and ridden, as well as kept for pleasure.

What makes a Clydesdale special?

Contrary to popular belief, Clydesdales are quite energetic in nature. Well muscled and strong yet not excessively bulky, they have active gaits and give an overall impression of power and quality. Their head has a straight profile, a wide muzzle, large nostrils, a broad forehead and bright, intelligent eyes.

How smart are Clydesdale horses?

Most Clydesdales are highly trainable horses. If they are treated with patience and a certain amount of persistence, they are highly cooperative. This breed, even though it is a heavy draft horse, has been known to learn and complete jump courses.

What were Clydesdale horses used for in the war?

They were used to carry ammunition, supplies and pull artillery to support the Canadian attack. While many focus on the cavalry horse that carried men into battle, military historian Graham Winton knows that “the real heroes were the powerful draft horses, especially the Clydesdale.”

Are Clydesdales warhorses?

The Clydesdales were among a group of European horses referred to as the “Great Horses,” which were specifically bred to carry the massively armored knights of the Middle Ages.


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