What Is the Pony Express?


How does the Pony Express work?

The Pony Express used a planned out route with a number of stations along the way. Riders would carry the mail from station to station, switching to fresh horses at each station. Every hundred or so miles the rider would be replaced. This allowed the mail to be constantly moving at a good speed.

When was the first mail delivery?

Mail through the ages

The U.S. Postal system was established on July 26, 1775, with founding father, Benjamin Franklin as the first Postmaster General. Of course, it wasn’t the U.S. system back them, but rather the system in place for the colonies, but it set into motion much of what we think of today as mail delivery.

Where was the Pony Express?

From Missouri to California the Pony Express riders could deliver a letter faster than ever before. The Pony Express was in operation for only 18 months between April 1860 and October 1861. Nevertheless, the Pony Express has become synonymous with the Old West.

How fast is Pony Express?

The Pony Express was set up to provide a fresh horse every 10-15 miles and a fresh rider every 75-100 miles. 75 horses were needed total to make a one-way trip. Average speed was 10 miles per hour.

Where does the Pony Express trail start?

The Pony Express Trail National Backcountry Byway begins near Fairfield and ends at Ibapah, Utah. Along the route visitors can enjoy history and a variety of recreation. To begin tracing the hoofprints of the “Pony” visit the Camp Floyd / Stagecoach Inn State Park on state highway 73, 5 miles south of Cedar Fort.

What are the advantages of the Pony Express?

During its 18 months of operation, the Pony Express reduced the time for messages to travel between the east and west US coast to about 10 days.

Under what circumstances was the Pony Express formed answer?

Textbook solution

As it was time consuming, a company decided to hire 80 men to take the mail to the west on the horse back, just to speed up the process. The hiring of these men for the purpose of speeding up the delivery of letters led to the formation of PONY EXPRESS.

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