What is the origin of the Connemara pony?

Is the Connemara pony native to Ireland?

Connemara, breed of pony native to the Connemara area of Ireland, used as general riding ponies for adults and children and as jumpers and show ponies. Docile, hardy, and surefooted, they have compact bodies and range from 13.2 to 15 hands (about 54 to 60 inches, or 137 to 152 cm) tall.

What does Connemara mean in English?

Connemara in British English – (ˌkɒnɪˈmɑːrə ) a barren coastal region of W Republic of Ireland, in Co Galway: consists of quartzite mountains, peat bogs, and many lakes; noted for its breed of pony originating from the hilly regions. Collins English Dictionary.

Are Connemara ponies wild?

The ponies are no longer wild but owned privately. It is in a beautiful part of England and well worth visiting, but very different to Connemara. 2.

Are Connemara ponies rare?

Black Connemara ponies are rare but cremello, a beautiful blue-eyed cream is common and looks stunning against the backdrop of the rugged Irish landscape. But what makes this Irish horse so attractive to us is that it is unique to Ireland and represents so much wild beauty found on this island.

What blood is a Connemara?

The Connemara is a member of that group of equines known as mountain and moorland ponies. It originated in the county of Connaught in western Ireland. Arab and Spanish blood have been introduced to refine the breed.

What is a Class 2 Connemara?

For geldings, Class 1 and 2 are awarded based purely on height: All geldings of 148cm and below will be classed as Class 1, those over 148cm as Class 2.

What is Connemara famous for?

Connemara is famous for its blanket bog landscapes. Though common throughout Ireland, bogs are an exotic thing to most visitors.

Can adults ride Connemara ponies?

Distinguishing features: Tough, intelligent, good-natured and courageous, the Connemara is a compact and athletic breed that can be ridden by both children and adults. Usually standing between 12.2 to 14.2 hands high, Connemaras can be any solid colour.

What age can you break a Connemara pony?

Young horses should not be ridden hard until they have physically matured enough to safely carry weight. For most breeds, this will occur when the horse is approximately 2 years old.

What makes Connemara marble green?

The colour is determined by the coloured mineral content, with serpentine responsible for the characteristic green colouration. Connemara marble differs from the verd antiques in that it is an actual marble, rather than a serpentinite breccia, despite also having a very high serpentine content.

Are Connemaras prone to laminitis?

Due to their metabolism, native ponies (including Connemaras) are especially prone to laminitis. It is therefore important to keep your pony at a healthy weight – if you want to check, you can use the condition scoring index or speak to your vet.

Is a Connemara a good first horse?

Safe, sensible, intelligent, and patient, this hardy breed is a superb mount for both beginner adult and children horse riders alike. Connemara ponies are incredibly athletic and versatile with a natural jumping ability and seen competing in all disciplines as well as trekking and hacking.

What is the maximum height of a Connemara pony?

The official height limit for a Connemara pony is 14.2 hands but nowadays many of them are shooting past that. The traditionalists want the limit set tight. A few generations ago, the average Connemara pony was 13.2 hands but better quality of life has given him four more inches in height.

What makes a Connemara pony?

They are kind, caring, willing and trusting. They have a gentle disposition, love human affection, are inquisitive are very easy to handle. The Connemara pony is a safe and sensible breed, which makes them a fantastic mount for both children and adults alike. They are extremely intelligent and very trainable.

How are Connemaras classed?

CPBS Breed standard of the Connemara pony: – To achieve a class 1 status, Connemara ponies must meet the following criteria: Height: The height of Connemara ponies is between 128cm – 148cm. Colours: Predominantly Grey but also bay, brown, dun, black, chestnut, roan, palomino, dark eyed cream.

Who brought the Connemara pony to Ireland?

Some believe that the Connemara developed from Scandinavian ponies that the Vikings first brought to Ireland. Another source was likely the Irish Hobby, a now-extinct breed established prior to the 13th century.

How much weight can a Connemara carry?

If Connemaras are required to remain 14-2 or shorter and are kept at an appropriate weight so they don’t develop laminitis, it’s safe to assume they are in the 750- to 800-pound range, and 220 pounds is in the ballpark of their limit for rider and tack weight combined.

Is a Connemara pony an American breed?

Considered Ireland’s only native breed, the Connemara Pony originates from an area of the same name located in Western Ireland and noted for its rocky, barren and mountainous terrain which is full of seemingly endless and desolate moors and bogs.

Do Connemaras make good jumpers?

Today Connemara ponies are found worldwide, and these beautiful animals are coveted, especially as Pony Club all-rounders, small hunters, and show jumpers. However, they can excel in all disciplines, and their toughness and intelligence also makes them suitable for endurance, trekking, and dressage.


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