What is the fastest way to level up in horse Haven?

Tip: To level up quickly, feed your horses a lot. You will get the most player EXP from feeding the horses as well as completing the quests.

What is the highest rarity level for a horse in Horse Haven?

Rarity LevelProfile Color
LegendaryShiny Gold
ConstellationBlue Galaxy

What is the grand stable for in horse Haven?

This building was introduced into the game after just a few months, but is so important for game progression! It allows players to keep multiple Horses at the same time. The first one a player unlocks is on the USA ranch, at player level 5.

How do you upgrade skills in horse haven?

Any horse can be given Upgraded Skills. Either through a steeplechase skill event or a chance when leveling up (from 11-15). Tip: It costs lots of Diamonds to upgrade a horses skills, so the best stragety is to upgrade skills on horses who have minimum Energy level of 20 or more (see chart).

How do you get a Tier 2 horse in horse Haven?

  1. Tier 2 is achieved through breeding.
  2. Exception: Occasionally a promotion will offer a pair of Tier 2 horses that can be purchased with real money.

How do you train your horse on horse Haven?

Training/Boarding – Hire 3 Friends to Train How-to: Tap on the stable and then tap on the friends icon. Choose 3 friends and tap ok to start! You’ll see your horse in the paddock! gained is based on your Paddock level.

How do I make friends on horse Haven?

How do I add friends in game? A. If you have a specific person in mind, you both have to connect your games to Facebook and be friends on Facebook. The game will automatically add you to each other’s friend lists.



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