What is the difference between a close contact and an all purpose English saddle?

Close contact seats generally have a more shallow seat than a dressage saddle or an all-purpose saddle in order for the rider to easily stand up for the correct half seat position over the fence. One will see these in the jumper ring, hunter/jumper ring and in eventing.

What is a close contact English saddle used for?

Close Contact Saddles – The Close Contact saddle is also called a Hunt Seat or Forward Seat saddle. They are designed for riders that participate in foxhunting, show jumping, hunt seat equitation, stadium, and cross-country events.

What kind of English saddle do I need?

A good rule of thumb is that an English saddle seat size will run around two inches larger than a Western saddle. So, if you ride a 15.5” Western saddle, you will likely need a 17.5” English saddle.

Can you jump in a GP saddle?

A GP saddle refers to a General Purpose saddle (sometimes called All Purpose) and is the most commonly used and popular saddle among horse owners. They are designed for riders who like to do a bit of everything. The flaps are forward cut enough for jumping and also suitable for schooling and hacking.

What is a full contact saddle?

The Total Contact Saddle Concept – The Total Contact Saddle was designed to give the closest possible contact with the horse whilst keeping the security of stirrups. The minimalist design strips away unnecessary padding, tree, cantle and pommel to deliver direct communication between horse and rider.

How do you tell an English saddle apart?

  1. Flaps are longer and wider than dressage saddles.
  2. Flat seat.
  3. No sweat flaps.
  4. No knee rolls.

What is an all purpose saddle for?

All-purpose-saddles are used mainly for trail riding, recreational riding, fox hunting and cross-country horseback riding. These kinds of saddles are comfortable for long rides. CLOSE CONTACT SADDLES are designed for classic equitation.

What are the most comfortable English saddles?

What is the most comfortable English saddle? Bates and Wintec saddles are both known to be very comfortable.

What is the difference between an English saddle and a dressage saddle?

English saddles are of different types. The jumping and dressage saddles are two important English saddles. The former is used in hunter show rings and jumping, while dressage saddles are used for dressage events. Jumping saddles are built for mobility and have a shallow seat.

How do you pick the right size saddle?

If you know your seat size in an English saddle, a good rule of thumb is to choose a Western saddle with a seat size two inches smaller than your typical English saddle size. Sit in the Western saddle. There should be about four inches between your body and the swell of the saddle.

Can you jump in dressage saddle?

You simply will not have the necessary support in a dressage saddle to work with the horse over a jump; you simply will not be able to do proper dressage in a close contact jumping saddle which does not allow the rider to sit properly balanced with a shoulder-hip-heel straight line.

What is forward seat English saddle?

The forward seat, favoured for show jumping, hunting, and cross-country riding, is generally considered to conform with the natural action of the horse. The rider sits near the middle of the saddle, his torso a trifle forward, even at the halt.

Is dressage English saddle?

English saddles are a generic term for saddles which encompass all of the English riding disciplines. The types of English saddles include close contact, dressage, cross country/eventing, all-purpose, endurance, synthetic, lead line or pony saddles. Finding the right English saddle for you or your horse is important.


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