What is the biggest Breyer scale?

With the exception of the 1:6 scale foals Traditional is the largest scale that Breyer produce. These models are sold as around 1:9 scale. Just like with the adult horses there is also a size difference with the foals.

What scale is Breyer?

Traditional: 1:9 scale (adult models are approximately 11″ long × 9″ high) and is the most popular scale. Classic: 1:12 scale (adult models are approximately 9″ long × 6″ high) Ponies/Dapples/Pony Gals: 1:12 scale (adult models are approximately 9″ long × 6″ high) and are aimed at the youth market.

How tall is a 1/9 scale horse?

COLLECTIBLE SIZE: 1:9th scale Traditional model horse. Horses measures 14 x 8-inches. HAND CRAFTED DETAIL: Some 20 artisans work on each individual model horse, creating an exquisite hand-made collectible that is as individual as the horse that inspired it.

How big is a Breyer stablemate?

Generally considered to be approximately 1:32 scale, Stablemates average around 3″ tall, though each model is different.

What was the first Breyer horse?

Breyer Animal Creations began as the Breyer Molding Company, a Chicago-based plastics manufacturer. Its first model horse, the # 57 Western Horse, made its appearance in 1950. It was a special order for the F.W. Woolworth Company, made to adorn a mantelpiece clock.

How can I tell what kind of Breyer horse I have?

You can figure out which mold you have by going to the right series category (Traditional, Classic, etc.) and looking at the photos shown there. You’re not looking for a color match, just for the same shape. Sometimes Breyer will change the shape of the mane or tail on a model, so don’t rely just on that.

When did Reeves buy Breyer?

In 1984, Reeves International, a forerunner in the toy industry during the time and today, purchased Breyer Animal Creations.

How long has Breyer horses been around?

In 1950, a Chicago-based plastics manufacturing company called the Breyer Molding Company, owned by Sam Stone and his partner Charles Schiff, produced its first model horse, the No. 57 Western Horse.

How tall is a 1/12 scale horse?

Horse 1:12 Scale – Breyer Classics 1:12 scale is a bit smaller than the Traditional 1:9 scale, with horses roughly measuring 15cm high by 5cm wide by 22cm long.

What scale are Barbie horses?

These Barbie Houses & Accessories are made in Barbie Sized Scale. The Houses are made from two thickness sizes, 1-4 Inch and 1-2 Inch. The Floors are made to 1-2 Inch size and the Roofs are made to 1-4 Inch size. These sizes reflect sturdiness for play and assembly when put together for Barbie playing fun!

How tall are Breyer freedom horses?

Classics are generally considered to be approximately 1:12 scale. They average about 6″ high, though every model is different.

What scale are CollectA horses?

CollectA horses come in three scales: Mini, Standard, and Deluxe. Mini Horses are in roughly a 1:64 scale, similar to Breyer’s Mini Whinnies, and are sold in sets. Standard models are in roughly a 1:20 scale, about the size of a Breyer Paddock Pal. These models are sold loose with a hang tag tied to one leg.

What scale are Papo horses?

Most of the Papo standing figures are designed to ride any Papo horse such as this one. Approximately 1:20 scale, ranging in size from about 3 inches (H) for the figures to 5.5 inches (L) for the horses.



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