What is a riding coat called?

What is the difference between a dressage coat and a hunt coat?

Hunt coats are shorter and have a three-button front and a simple back. Generally, all the buttons are tonal. Dressage coats have more of a European look. They are longer, have a four-button front, and the pleats at the back are often accented with additional buttons, often silver or brass.

What do dressage riders wear?

Most riders you see competing will be wearing a show jacket. This is a plain fitted blazer, typically black or navy. Most dark neutral colors are permitted; avoid any patterns or bright colors. Tweed (hacking) jackets are also an acceptable choice for dressage.

Do dressage coats have 3 or 4 buttons?

Traditionally, dressage coats have a slightly different cut than hunt coats and are a bit longer. Dressage coats usually have 4 buttons in the front, as well as buttons on the cuffs and above the vents in the back. Hunt coats, on the other hand, have 3 buttons in the front and typically no buttons on the back.

What should I wear to my first horse show?

You will see most people in riding clothes or jeans, so feel free to wear jeans or leggings, sneakers and a casual top. The top doesn’t even have to have a collar, as long as it is well-fitted and conservative.

Can you wear a navy jacket for dressage?

Most riders you see competing will be wearing a show jacket. This is a plain fitted blazer, typically black or navy. Most dark neutral colours are permitted; avoid any patterns or bright colours. Tweed (hacking) jackets are also an acceptable choice for dressage.

How many buttons does a dressage coat have?

Dressage or the highly-versatile competition coat have four-button fronts and come in various lengths. Some hems are shortened to sit just about the hip, and some are slightly longer.

How many buttons does a hunt coat have?

COATS/BREECHES/BOOTS – For Hunting proper, red coats with four brass buttons are worn by the Masters and red coats with five brass buttons by Hunt staff. This enables the Field to recognise the troops that ‘go over the top’ first.

Can you wear field boots in dressage?

Boots. At any level, you can choose to wear dressage or field boots. Riders most commonly choose to show in black tall boots and most commonly select dressage boots rather than field boots.

What do you wear to an English horse show?

Something like a brown check jacket with a peach-colored shirt would be appropriate, although it is never wrong to go with hunter green, navy, or black jacket with a white shirt. Coordinating breeches (or riding pants) may be in tan, fawn, olive, brown, or another neutral. You should include a belt and field boots.

How is a Shadbelly supposed to fit?

A good fitting shadbelly should meet the following criteria. – The tails should hit the back of your child’s knees. The shadbelly jacket points should sit at your child’s belt. The sleeves should come no further than her wrist bone. There should be 1/4-1/2″ of her show shirt sleeve cuff showing.

Do you need to wear a stock for dressage?

Dressage shows are often formal events and it can be daunting choosing what to wear for this traditional equestrian sport. For most dressage shows you need to wear a jacket, riding shirt, and breeches. You also need to wear a helmet, stock tie, and tall riding boots.

What do you wear to a hunter show?

Riders are required to wear conservatively colored coats (black, blue, green, grey or brown) which are free from adornment which in the judge’s opinion is overly distracting. Shirts must have a choker, similar collar or tie. Breeches may be buff, canary, tan, rust or white.

How long should a dressage coat be?

There should be 2-3 inches between the end of the sleeve and your hand. The length of the coat should cover about ⅔’s of your behind when standing on the ground. When mounted, the coat will just lightly touch the seat of the saddle.

What level do you wear a tailcoat in dressage?

Junior level dressage is at M/Medium Advanced level and tails are mostly worn as of Prix St Georges level (i.e. Young Riders).

How are equestrian show coats measured?

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How should a hunting coat fit?

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What equipment do you need to ride a horse?

Tack applies more to items you need to actually ride, including a saddle, bridle, bit, stirrups, reins, cinch, blanket/saddle pad, spurs, etc. Gear, on the other hand, usually refers to the items you need to keep your horse comfortable and groomed, such as brushes, feed buckets, etc.

What do you call an equestrian jacket?

Upper-level riders don tailored jackets (called shadbellies) with yellow vests. Additionally, a white stock tie is worn. Bottom — Dressage riders wear traditional breeches (ankle-length) or jodhpurs (full-length) during competition.


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