What is a Pessoa saddle?

LEATHERS. Nelson Pessoa Saddles feature calfskin seats, knee pads and panels, and top-of-the-line flap leathers, selected for the highest level of wear-ability, flexibility and consistency of finish. Rodrigo Pessoa Saddles feature soft cowhide seats, knee pads and panels, with quality cowhide and calf flap leathers.

Do all Pessoa saddles have an adjustable gullet?

All of the Pessoa saddles are available with the interchangeable gullet X-Change System. The rider can modify the width of the tree using any of our interchangeable gullet plates and a screwdriver. It is really that simple.

Who made Pessoa saddles?

First developed by Nelson for his son, Rodrigo, 30+ years ago, Pessoa pony saddles have become the well-loved standard for classic, correct balance and feel. Over the years, Pessoa has helped more children learn to ride correctly than any other saddle brand.

What saddle does Carl Hester ride in?

2019 CHIO AachenEQ Life’s Tour Event News

What does interchangeable gullet mean?

An adjustable gullet saddle means that it has a metal plate in the head of the tree which can be removed and replaced with a different size to alter the head. This differs to a fixed size tree as fixed size trees are build on wooden trees which have metal plates rivetted in place. These cannot be replaced.

What is a gullet plate?

Definition of gullet plate – : the iron arch under the pommel of a saddle.

Are Pessoas good saddles?

The Pessoa Gen-X Elite is a very popular model which was designed to provide an outstanding competition saddle at a moderate price. The Gen-X Elite features a greasy grained leather for extra grip and durability. This saddle offers a really comfortable rider, and is great for all levels of riders.

Are Anky saddles wool flocked?

Featuring a supportive seat, super soft buffalo printed leather for extra grip, thickened inner front panel, and modern knee block design, all with the perfect finish. Also features AMS synthetic wool flocked panels that eliminates pressure hot spots by dispersing the pressure within the panel over the neoprene layer.

What are Pessoa saddles flocked with?

With the perfection of the AMS system, some Pessoa saddles are now offered with synthetic wool flocking for those who prefer this type of panel over the Bayflex foam panels.

How do you tell if a saddle is wool or foam flocked?

Wool flocked saddles are often heavier than foam saddles due to the amount of material used. Some riders also feel that they are further from the horse in a wool-flocked saddle than in a foam paneled saddle.

What brand saddles are wool flocked?

As with the Amerigo saddles, the Amerigo Vega line is made with wool flocked independent panels.

What are Bayflex panels?

Bayflex Panels consist of a memory-flex polyurethane material designed to provide superior padding for a variety of sports applications. With excellent memory retention, the foam retains its original shape yet self adjusts to the horse’s back to minimize pressure points.

What are AMS panels?

AMS panels are stuffed with a high-quality, durable synthetic flocking material and can be re-fitted and re-stuffed as needed by a qualified saddle fitter. The benefit of AMS is the smooth breathable neoprene lining against the horse which helps reduce bumps and pressure points sometimes found in flocked saddles.

How do you use a Pessoa lunging system?

Pessoa Training System with Molly Rosin – YouTube

What is a gusset saddle?

Gusseted panel: The panel has a wedge-shaped piece sewn in under the rear half of the saddle, from the rear of the flap back. Fitting option common on many saddles; it broadens and flattens the weight bearing area in the rear panel area. It is a good option for uphill horses.

Can you Reflock a foam saddle?

Both foam panel and old hard wool panel saddles can be fully reflocked with fresh wool. It is something you will need to ask for specifically because only some saddle fitters provide the service. A full reflock will give you some leeway in allowing for the panels to mold to your horse’s.

What is wool flock?

Flocking material – Wool has traditionally been a good stuffing for saddles in part because it is hollow and tends to bounce back when crushed. Years ago saddles were flocked with wool/horsehair or wool/deerhair. Now most are flocked with a wool/synthetic blend to maximize bounceback.

Are Pessoa saddles made in France?

Special calfskin covered flaps create the most elegant of all Pessoa Saddles. Made in French ‘Chaumont’ with calfskin-covered flap, seat and knee pads. Call us at 203-557-3285 or 800-888-USA1(8721) for expert advice and the lowest price!

Does Saddleworld do Afterpay?

What methods of payment do you accept? We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Afterpay and Zipmoney.

How do you measure a Pessoa saddle?

sit CLOSE to your horse. The seat is measured up in a straight line from the saddle nail up to the cantle in its middle part. The measurement is determined by the physical built of the rider and the horse. As a general norm the measurements lower than 17 “ are for young riders.

How do you tell if a saddle fits you?

Two fingers should fit between the swells of the saddle and your leg. If you can fit your whole hand, the saddle is too big and you could flop around instead of being secure. If you can’t even squeeze a finger, the saddle is too tight, and will be very uncomfortable.

What size saddle flap do I need?

As the length of the stirrup shortens, the length of the saddle flap also should shorten, or your saddle will interfere with your lower leg connection. The flap should extend only about 9 inches below the point where the inside of your knee connects with the flap.

What size is a blue gullet?

If your gullet has been changed after purchase the colours are sized as follows: Yellow – Narrow, Green – Medium Narrow, Black – Medium, Blue – Medium wide, Red – Wide, and White is Extra wide.

What is a tree on a horse saddle?

The tree of a saddle is the firm, inner part that gives the saddle its stability and main shape. This frame is usually made of plastic or wood and comes in different sizes to accommodate the differing shapes of horses’ backs. English saddles have varying tree widths, so what fits one horse might not fit another.

What is a medium tree saddle?

If there’s 1/2″ to 3/4″ of space on either side of your fist, the saddle is approximately a medium tree. If there’s 0″ to 1/2″ then the tree is narrow; and if there’s more than 1″ of space on either side of your fist, the tree is wide or extra wide.


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