What is a horse billet?

The billets are three straps underneath the top flap, on each side of the english saddle. The billets are the straps which attach to the girth to anchor the saddle on the horse’s back.

Why are there 3 billets on a saddle?

English riding saddles typically have billet straps on both sides of the saddle. Located under the top leg flap, these billets are used to attach the cinch to the saddle. Most English saddles will have at least three billet straps on each side. Any two of these straps are then used to attach the cinch to the saddle.

What is a billet on a bridle?

Where the bit attached to the reins and cheek pieces they are referred to as the billets. These can be either hook stud billets or buckle billets. The hook stud billet always does up toward the horse and the buckle billet always does up away from the horse. The reins and cheek pieces should have matching billets.

How high should a cinch be on a horse?

The lowest point your cinch should sit is 3-4″ above the elbow. This allows clearance and no interference when riding. The best way to get an accurate cinch size is to take a string and hold it on one side 3-4″ above the elbow. Then you run it under the horse, to the same point on the other side.

What are the straps on a saddle pad for?

Some saddle pads come with straps to thread your girth through and billet straps that have a hook-and-loop fastener, like Velcro, at the end. These fasten around a billet strap and keep the pad from slipping.

Where is the Cantle on an English saddle?

Cantle: the back of the saddle, which is raised higher than the seat to give security.

How do you do dressage girth?

How to Measure and Fit for a Dressage Girth – YouTube

How do you cinch an English saddle?

What Is the Proper Way to Cinch a Saddle? – YouTube

What is the difference between a latigo and a billet?

And most saddles have a latigo (the long leather or nylon strap) on the on-side and an off billet (a shorter strap with holes in it) on the off-side.

Is a back cinch necessary?

A back cinch is not a necessary piece of equipment for all disciplines of riding, however it can be very crucial in others. English, eventing, and dressage disciplines are several examples where a back cinch is not needed (and for these specifically, not even an option).

Where does the latigo go on a western saddle?

How to properly put on a leather Latigo strap to a Western Saddle

What color is Latigo leather?

Appearance. Traditionally, latigo has been manufactured in burgundy color, but it is also available in black, shades of brown and red, as well as lighter colors. It ages well and develops a beautiful patina with time.

How do you use latigo keeper?

Correct use and comparison of OFFSIDE LATIGOS! – YouTube

How do you attach a latigo to a cinch?

How to Put on a Front Cinch – YouTube

How do you tie off latigo?


How do you attach a billet to a saddle?

How to Tie Billets on a Saddle – YouTube

What does an Australian saddle look like?

Australian Saddles – Compared to Western and English Saddles

What does a latigo do?

First, a little terminology: A latigo is the long piece of leather or nylon that allows you to tighten the cinch on a western saddle. To have a safe ride, you need to know how to use it correctly.

Why do dressage saddles have long billets?

The flap is usually not cut forward enough for jumping. Dressage saddles often come with “long” billets. “Short” girths must be used with long billets. This allows the girth to be buckled below the saddle flap, eliminating extra bulk under the leg.

When should I replace my billet saddle?

  • The billet leather should be free from any cracking that extends further than the surface.
  • The billet leather holes should be even, not stretched or elongated.
  • The billet leather should be even in thickness and not thinned or elongated.

How do you use off billet?

Proper Way to Attach a Half Breed Off Billet with Reinsman Equestrian

What is a double latigo?

Natural Horseman Saddles, Exclusive Providers of Parelli Saddles, have double latigos. Having the ability to tie up a latigo on each side means you can adjust each strap equally to create a lovely even pressure for your horse’s sake. It not only feels better, it results in a better balanced and more stable saddle.

What is an off side billet?

How to rig Your Saddle Latigos and Off-side Billets – YouTube

What is the purpose of a flank cinch?

The back, or flank, cinch is more than a decorative accessory for a Western saddle. It’s a safety piece that stabilizes the saddle by attaching with aid of rear billets and a leather hobble strap to the front cinch.

What are the straps on a saddle called?

A girth, sometimes called a cinch (Western riding), is a piece of equipment used to keep the saddle in place on a horse or other animal. It passes under the barrel of the equine, usually attached to the saddle on both sides by two or three leather straps called billets.

What is double rigging on saddles?

Saddles with this rigging often have a flank cinch, or rear cinch, (called a “double rigging” because the saddle is attached at the front and back) to keep the saddle from tipping forward when traveling downhill or to help distribute the pressure when the rider dallies the rope to stop a steer.

What is a half breed saddle?

The half breed saddle is a modern development on traditional saddle types that delivers a highly comfortable, stable, and safe riding. The rider is seated in a ‘balanced’ seat, with the shoulder, hips, and ankles in a straight line.


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