What is a hit air vest?

The Hit Air Airbag Vest is a “harness type” airbag that employs the new higher speed key ball mechanism which activates the CO2 cartridge. Versatile design makes it perfect for riders of all equestrian disciplines including Eventing and Western.

How do you use a hit air vest?

Using Your Hit-Air Jacket | HorseandRider UK – YouTube

How do you attach a hit air vest to a saddle?

Attaching An Air Vest Saddle Strap – YouTube

What does a air jacket do?

An air jacket has a main air channel which acts like a mattress, removing your body from the ground more effectively. Therefore, the air jacket creates extra stopping distance between the body and the ground, providing a more cushioned impact.

How do you clean a hit air vest?

Take the Hit-Air system and protectors (shoulder, elbow, back etc.) out from the vest/jacket and wash or launder the vest/jacket only in accordance with the washing instructions. Wipe the surface of the Hit-Air system (neck, hip cushions etc.) with a damp cloth to remove stains.

How do you change a hit air canister?

How to replace air cartridges in Hit Air vests – YouTube

Are airbag jackets worth it?

Statistics indicate that forward momentum in a crash is reduced by roughly 60 percent for the rider in an airbag vest or jacket, and head trauma is reduced by approximately 80 percent.

Why do bikers wear a vest?

Protection. The main reason why bikers wear the vest is for protection. A vest protects them from harsh weather conditions and from things that could cause bruises. Bikers are known to lay down their bike in the event they are racing or riding, and a vest comes in handy at this point.

Do airbag suits work?

How does the motorcycle airbag system work? – YouTube

Can I wear Helite under jacket?

Helite has been making tethered airbags for years, and they also make an airbag for Held. Helite’s airbags are easy to use, rechargeable by the user, and they can be worn with any motorcycle jacket.

Can you wear the Helite turtle under a jacket?

Yes, keeping in mind that the more resistance against the airbag the more it could prevent the airbag from deploying properly. We recommend a loose fitting raincoat and to keep the backpack straps loose and light. WHAT IS THE LIFESPAN OF A HELITE CO2 CARTRIDGE?

Do motorcycles have airbags?

This is a question that many people ask. The answer is yes – motorcycles do have airbags. Most motorcycles don’t have airbags as a standard except one – the Honda Goldwing.

What is a motorcycle Air jacket?

A helmet may protect the head but an impact to the helmet may also cause an injury to the neck. HIT AIR, an airbag jacket for motorcyclists and horse riders, now offers protection to the neck where various kinds of protection padding have been lacking.

What is motorcycle airbag?

Product description. The MotoAir airbag system is integrated into our vests; this offers comfort, style, and safety. The innovative airbag system in conjunction with the rider’s helmet reduces the chance of injury to the neck, chest, spine, and obliques.

Are airbag vests reusable?

Description and availability – horse riding – Unlike car air bags, the air bag vests can be repacked and reloaded for reuse with a new CO2 cartridge. Companies that manufacture the vests created them for motorcyclists as early as 1999.

What is the difference between Helite turtle and turtle 2?

The Turtle 2 Air Vest (with the detachable lanyard) and the more sophisticated but costlier Helite E-Turtle, which detects when an accident is imminent with ‘algorithm technology’, not dissimilar to that used in cars, and triggering the airbag electronically.

How do motogp suits work?

Race suits are fitted with accelerometers, gyroscopes and a GPS, and the airbag is activated when sensors detect that a fall has occurred. The software is very clever and can tell the difference between a genuine incident and a near miss, so inflation doesn’t occur at random.

What year were airbags introduced to motorcycles?

Honda unveiled its production motorcycle airbag technology in 2005, followed by the release in 2006 of the Gold Wing Airbag, a production bike equipped with the world’s first motorcycle airbag.

How does an equestrian air vest work?

The vests have a lanyard that attaches to the saddle. When a rider parts ways with the saddle, the lanyard triggers the activation device, which punctures an air canister, instantly inflating the vest before the rider hits the ground.

How effective are riding vests?

They found that riders wearing air vests were over-represented in the percentage of serious or fatal injuries in competition compared to those who just wore a body protector, and they found no evidence that riders who wore an air jacket had a reduced injury outcome in falls.

How should an air vest fit?

Point Two Air Jackets – Fitting Instructions 2011 – Pro Air Vest

How do inflatable body protectors work?

Air vests will not work without attaching the lanyard or without a full gas canister in place. The aim of air vests is to to dissipate the force of impact in a fall and also reduce compression. They cover or shield to varying extent the chest including the ribs, thoracolumbar spine and upper abdomen.


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