What is a cutback saddle used for?

The cutback saddle is an English saddle specifically designed for the saddle seat rider and with gaited horses. The cutback saddle’s benefit is the freedom of movement it provides to higher withered gaited horses. The cutback saddle received its name from the cut back at the pommel.

What is the purpose of a cut back saddle pad?

The saddle pad keeps your horse’s back relaxed and comfortable. The cut-back design of the saddle helps to reduce the wither pressure. This saddle pad ensures a comfortable experience for both, the rider and the horse.

What is the size of a saddle blanket?

It is usually made of wool, cotton, or synthetic fabrics with similar characteristics. When fitted under the saddle, they are approximately 35 inches (0.89 m) square, although designs vary to fit horses of different sizes.

Whats the difference between a jumping saddle and a dressage saddle?

A jumping saddle typically has a flatter seat and is designed to give riders more freedom to move around. On the other hand, a dressage saddle has a more curved seat and is designed to help riders maintain proper position while they ride.

What is a flat saddle?

Flat saddles are practically completely flat – i.e. there are no raised, nor lowered areas in along the front to back axis. Such saddles are good for upright riding posture, as well as for highly flexible riders in more leaned riding posture, like shown in pictures 2 and 3.


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