What is a Cordura saddle?

Cordura saddles are traditionally built on lightweight trees and have the fenders, jockeys and often saddle skirts replaced with Cordura or a nylon/leather blend. These are easy to maintain and especially easy to lift on your horse.

How much do Cordura saddles weigh?

Weight: 24 1/4 lbs.

Is high horse a Circle Y Saddle?

High Horse by Circle Y combines American value and craftsmanship for an affordably priced American made saddle with the same quality guarantee that you expect from Circle Y.

Why are women’s saddles shorter?

‘This is because a shorter saddle allows your pelvis to roll forwards more, making getting lower easier.

Can you use a gaited saddle on a quarter horse?

Typically the gaited horse will require a 12-inch spread in the shoulder area of the bar while the Quarter Horse will require 13. If you put a saddle made for the Quarter Horse on the gaited horse it will fit at the top (or in this case gullet) but there will be no support at the shoulder.

What is the difference between semi and full quarter horse bars on a saddle?

Semi-quarter horse bars measure 6 inches apart on your measuring tool. This size saddle fits a horse who is healthy without excess fat or muscles on his upper shoulders. Full quarter horse bars are 6 1/4 to 6 1/2 inches apart.

Can synthetic saddles get wet?

With the exception of the billets, the rest of your saddle is synthetic, and will not absorb oil or balm like a leather saddle. This ease of care means you never have to worry about getting caught in the rain with your saddle!

Do you oil Roughout saddles?

However, Rough Out Leather is still just like any other leather and requires cleaning, oiling, and conditioning.

Can you use saddle soap on a synthetic saddle?

With a synthetic saddle, the elements are not an issue. So, toss the oil and the saddle soap. Not only are they unnecessary, but using these products isn’t good for a synthetic saddle.

Can you hose down a saddle?

How To Wash a Saddle – YouTube

How do you soften a Wintec saddle?

How To Care For Your Wintec Saddle | Naylors Equestrian – YouTube

How do you get hair off a synthetic saddle?

Use brushes to clean tack – For synthetic tack, you can go for a medium stiffness and thick density brush. Either nylon or natural fiber works well here. Use this brush to really get the hair and dirt off, and then you won’t need as much cleaner and water.

How much does it cost to clean a saddle?

$75.00 to $125.00. Note when a saddle is being repaired, cost may decrease on soap, oil and conditioning and cost more on Saddles with mink oil or lacquer on leather.

How do I protect my suede saddle?

Suede should be dusted or vacuum cleaned free of dust and dirt, brushed with a stiff brush to bring back the nap, and spot cleaned with a damp cloth. A conditioner of any kind would probably “glue” the nap and you would lose the texture of the suede. Most saddle leather products tell you not to use it on suede.

Can you clean a saddle with dish soap?

Dawn dishwashing soap is a good product to clean horse tack and leather saddles. It’s mild enough not to harm the leather but strong enough to remove dirt and oil. After washing with Dawn, be sure to use a conditioner on your leather tack.

How do you hot oil a saddle?

Horse Saddle Care, Oil Treating your Leather Saddles for Long Saddle Life

How do you darken a rough out leather saddle?

DIY- How to Darken Leather Western Saddle – YouTube

Can you use saddle soap on Roughout leather?

It’s understandable why people are nervous about using saddle soap. For some leathers like roughout and suede, it’s the wrong pick. Even on the right leathers, if you let it soak in too much, or apply too much, or don’t remove it properly, you can damage your boots.


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