What is a close contact saddle pad used for?

Close contact saddles are used for hunt seat events such as hunt seat equitation, hunter under saddle, fox hunting, and both hunters and jump- ers. These saddles accommodate a bent knee, shorter stirrup leathers and a rider in a half-seat or two-point position.

Can you use a close contact saddle pad with a all-purpose saddle?

An all-purpose saddle pad is typically bigger and has a slightly contoured shape that remains more straight at the front of the pad. This is because it must fit an all-purpose saddle, which is a hybrid between a dressage and a close-contact saddle.

How thick of a saddle pad do I need?

If you and your gear together weigh more than 200 lbs., you should get at least a 7/8″ pad, but a 1″ would be better. What kind of terrain will you be riding on? If you regularly ride over mountainous or hilly areas, again, you want at least a 7/8″ thick pad, but 1″ would be better.

Can you use a GP saddle pad for a dressage saddle?

They’re best used not on their own they are best used, in fact, with plane cotton squares – either a jumping square or a dressage square – because one of the great flexible points of our pads is that they can be used with any types of saddle whether it be a dressage saddle, jumping, forward cart jumping saddle or a GP

How often should you replace your saddle pad?

Depending on your riding activity, a saddle pad’s life span may only be a couple years. A day working cowboy who rides all day everyday may only have a saddle pad last for a year, this is the cost of doing business. A weekend warrior may make a saddle pad last two to three years if it’s taken care of.

What does GP saddle pad stand for?

A GP saddle refers to a General Purpose saddle (sometimes called All Purpose) and is the most commonly used and popular saddle among horse owners.

Can you use a jump saddle for flat work?

For riders who are interested in dabbling in dressage or who just want to have the best foundational work, you can do most of the flatwork in a jumping saddle.

How do I know if my saddle is close contact?

Sometimes called a “forward seat” saddle, the close contact saddle’s flaps are rounded, shorter and more forward than a dressage saddle. The seat is flat as opposed to deep but does have a convex shape. Most, if not all, close contact saddles are made with three short billets and a long girth with two buckles.


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