What is a Cashel saddle?

Cashel saddles are built on the Axis True Fit tree, with a unique fiberglass seat and the finest kiln-dried South Dakota white pine. The bars distribute weight evenly and allow a full range of motion. Double stirrup leather cut-outs and a smooth surface with flared edges create a smooth, balanced ride.

Is Cashel a good saddle?

If you are searching for a saddle built better than most, Cashel is a great choice. Cashel has made a great mark with innovation for trail and endurance riding. As top innovators, they have gone to the best saddlers to build your next great trail riding saddles.

Can I trail ride in a barrel saddle?

The main job of a barrel saddle is to be light weight and keep the rider snug in the saddle. You can also trail ride out of barrel saddles, but you can not rope out of them. The horn is not sturdy enough and will break if you tried roping or dragging out of it.

What is a balance saddle?

The Functional Saddling method known as the BALANCE Saddling System is comprised of a well-designed saddle that is deliberately chosen to be wider than the horse’s current static back shape and width, used in conjunction with a padding system that provides comfort, protection and the balance of the saddle. .

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