What did the story of the horse Bucephalus say about Alexander?

Bucephalus (c355-326 BC) is among the most famous horses in history, and it was said that this he could not be tamed. The young Alexander the Great, of course, tamed him – and went on to ride his beloved equine companion for many years and into many battles.

What did Alexander wish to do with the horse Bucephalus What did this indicate about him?

Alexander asked to have the horse so he could calm him and train him. This indicates that Alexander has courage and great confidence in his own abilities. What did Aristotle teach Alexander?

What is the legend about Alexander and Bucephalus?

Legend tells that a 12-year old Alexander won the horse, Bucephalus, in a wager with his father, Philip II of Macedon. A horse dealer offered the horse to Alexander’s father for an enormous sum, but the animal appeared to be unstable and could not be tamed.

What type of horse is Bucephalus?

Some historians believe that Bucephalus was an Akhal-Teke, though no one knows for sure what breed he was. He came from the famous breeding region of Thessaly, Greece which was famous for its beautiful horses.

What is the meaning of Bucephalus?

Definition of bucephalus – (Entry 1 of 2) archaic. : a riding horse especially if spirited and mettlesome —often used ironically.

What happened to Bucephalus?

Bucephalus (died 1777) was the horse of Major Edmund Hewlett until his death after being poisoned by Captain John Graves Simcoe and then shot in the head to end his suffering by Major Hewlett.

Why was Alexander called the Great?

359-336 BCE) who became king upon his father’s death in 336 BCE and then conquered most of the known world of his day. He is known as ‘the great’ both for his military genius and his diplomatic skills in handling the various populaces of the regions he conquered.

What was Bucephalus afraid of?

As legend has it, Alexander broke the wild horse when no one else dared go near — not by force but by turning the horse’s head toward the sun, understanding that Bucephalus was simply afraid of his own shadow.


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