What Candy Can Horses Have?

Most non-chocolate candy is safe for horses to eat in very small quantities. Hard candies, jelly beans, candy corn, and even Skittles are safe. However, be cautious with licorice, as it can cause a positive drug test. You should also avoid feeding chewy candy, as it can get stuck in the horse’s teeth.

Can horses have M&Ms?

Researchers at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State University have shown that when horses are fed 20 peanut M&M’s a day as part of their diet, detectable amounts of caffeine and a related compound from the chocolate appear in their urine.

Can horses drink hot chocolate?

Like dogs, horses are also sensitive to the chemical, theobromine, in chocolate. Large amounts of cocoa can actually kill a horse, but even a small amount will test positive on a drug test.

Can horses eat Snickers?

Just like dogs, horses are sensitive to the chemical theobromine in chocolate and therefore large amounts of chocolate are toxic to horses. While an occasional stolen Snickers isn’t enough to be a problem, there are cases where unintentional exposure to large amounts of cocoa are lethal to horses.

Can horses eat toffee?

Sweet treats – no tricks!

To keep with the theme of the season, you can give horses their own version of a toffee apple by slicing an apple up – make sure you don’t give the core to your horse – and mixing it with alternative chocolates for horses, like carob.

Can horses eat raspberry licorice?

Now most people wouldn’t think of a horse enjoying the taste of licorice, but go ahead and ask their opinion. They do enjoy it and most horses will seek it out. The plant also offers natural anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcerogenic properties that could act as a natural alternative to medications such as cortisone.

Can horses have marshmallow root?

It is this high mucilage content that make’s it an ideal natural remedy for the healing and management of equine gastric ulcers. We recommend feeding between two to five tablespoons per horse per day of ground Marshmallow Root and for horses with chronic gastric ulcers up to 8 tablespoons.

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