What are the boots on horses called?

Fetlock boots, also called brushing boots or ankle boots, are worn on a horse’s hind legs. They are designed to protect the inside of a horse’s legs from injuries caused by the opposite hock striking the lower leg and fetlock.

What are hoof boots called?

Cavallo boots Velcro on easily and do not come off. They allow you to ride your horse through any terrain at any speed. Hoof boots can be used as a “spare tire” if you lose a metal shoe on the trail. Taking along an extra boot is a must for every trail rider.

What is a hoof shoe?

A hoof boot is a device made primarily of polyurethane and is designed to cover the hooves of a horse as an alternative to, and occasionally in addition to, horseshoes.

What are the best hoof boots?

Boot TypeOur Pick
Best for EnduranceEasyCare EasyBoot Glove Soft Hoof Boot
Best for JumpingCavallo Trek All-Terrain Regular Hoof Boot
Best for Trail, Mud, & WaterExplora Magic Hoof Boots
Best for Turnout & PastureEasyCare Easyboot Sneaker Hoof Boot

What are splint boots used for on horses?

Brushing boots or splint boots are used to protect a horse’s legs during exercise, protecting the lower leg from injury that may occur if one leg or hoof strikes the opposite leg.

What boots do horses wear for jumping?

Cross-country boots – These are similar in shape to brushing boots, but are specifically designed to protect your horse from the extra risk of jumping across country. As such they offer a higher level of protection, while not interfering in any way with his movement.

How do you put fetlock boots on a horse?

How to fit a fetlock boot to a horse

Do horses have boots?

Tendon boots protect the horse’s front legs from strikes from the hind hooves which can occur when landing a jump. In comparison, fetlock boots are used on the horse’s hind legs and just protect the fetlock from brushing injuries. There are many different styles available.

Can you ride with bell boots on?

Can you leave bell boots on all the time? It’s best to remove bell boots sometimes so your horses’ legs can get air. It is important to be aware of the environment that your horse’s hooves are in. Leaving boots on all the time, for example, can lead to thrush or bacterial infections and chafe their legs.

How do you remove bell boots?

  1. Stand just behind your horse’s shoulder, facing his head.
  2. Pick up his hoof and place his toe on your leg.
  3. Pull the boot off over his heel! Share this: Twitter.


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