What are the Best Western saddle pads?

Professional’s Choice SMX Air Ride Anza Wool PadAll horses All trail levelsMid-range
Weaver Leather Contour PadAll horses All trail levels Light trail useLower-end
SaddleRight Western Square PadAll horses All trail levelsHigh-end plus lifetime guaranty

How do I choose a western saddle pad?

When selecting a western saddle pad you must also consider the fit. The pad should be at least one inch bigger than the saddle all the way around. However, one that is too big can cause excess heat and bulk. A thicker pad is not always the best either.

What kind of saddle pad should I get?

Felt Western Saddle Pads – Made of compressed wool, these pads absorb sweat well and dissipate heat. These pads come in square and shaped designs or contoured designs for a better fit. For a horse with high withers or a dropped back, a contoured pad may be the best choice.

What are close contact saddle pads used for?

Saddle pads or cloths come in different shapes depending on the fit of your saddle, close contact jump saddle pads are designed for jumping saddles as they are more forward cut and fit underneath the knee rolls of a jump saddle, a dressage saddle pad is longer, allowing for the longer flaps of a dressage saddle and a

How do you measure a mule saddle?

How to Measure a Mule, Mule Breast Collar Placement … – YouTube


Choosing a Quality Saddle Pad

Saddle Pad Fitting – BHS Wool Fleece Saddle Pad

Saddle Pad Fitting – 1″ Wool Saddle Pad & Navajo Blanket

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