What are pack horses used for?

In developed countries, pack horses are mainly used in ecotourism and hiking, carrying hikers’ luggage. They are also used to set up hiking trails and to mark new trails. Pack animals are used in agriculture to carry farmers’ products in isolated and rugged terrain, and in forestry for horse logging.

What breed are pack horses?

Most packhorses were Galloways, small, stocky horses named after the Scottish district where they were first bred. Those employed in the lime-carriage trade were known as “limegals”. Each pony could carry about 240 pounds (110 kg) in weight, spread between two panniers.

How much can a pack mule carry?

“U.S. Army specifications for pack mules state that ‘American mules can carry up to 20 percent of their body weight (150 to 300 pounds) for 15 to 20 miles per day in mountains,’” Wickler says. “There are some anecdotal reports of 350 to 400 pounds and even an 1867 reference to 600 to 800 pounds for mules.”

Should mules be shod?

Mules that repetitively participate in more stressful and demanding activities (such as parades, showing and endurance events) should be shod to protect their feet and to keep them healthy. Prevention of bruising or cracking and maintenance of good foot and leg posture is critical to the equine athlete.

How do you tie a Manty?

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