What are good brands of horse blankets?

What is a good horse blanket?

The StormShield Contour Collar Classic Surcingle Turnout is the best overall horse blanket. This brand is familiar to many horse owners because of its quality. This is a medium weight blanket which is great for many cold climates and varying weather conditions.

How do you pick a winter horse blanket?

Below 40°F, a lightweight to medium-weight blanket with 150-250g of fill will keep your horse warm. Temperatures between 20° and 30°F will need a medium-weight to heavyweight blanket and below 20°F will require a heavyweight blanket or extra heavy blanket with 300-400g of polyfill.

What does denier mean in horse blankets?

The strength of a horse rug is determined by its “denier”, which refers to the outer shell of a turnout blanket. Denier is the thickness of the individual thread used in the yarn weave of the blanket. At WeatherBeeta, we have blankets in a variety of denier, to match the needs of every horse.

How many blankets does a horse need?

Each horse has about four blankets, and in the dead of winter, they may wear three layers at a time. “Our horses have very short coats because they are clipped year-round [for competition],” says Bates, “so we have to be conscientious about how they are blanketed.

Should I blanket my horse in the rain?

Most horses are very comfortable in brisk (but above freezing) temperatures as long as they are dry. If you’ve got precipitation such as rain, even a drizzle, or snow that could melt on their warm backs and they don’t have any way to avoid getting wet, consider a blanket.

When should you blanket an old horse?

An older horse in very good weight with no health issues probably does not need a blanket. Any older horse that is thin going into winter or has any health issues that may increase his caloric needs or decrease his ability to take in calories should be blanketed.

How do you wash a horse blanket?

Use cool water and mild detergent on a gentle cycle to wash your horse blankets. Some manufacturers recommend using a mesh wash bag, which will contain and protect any straps, closures, and buckles that can’t be easily detached, and will also protect your machine against damage from them.

Can you use a turnout rug in the stable?

Turnout Rugs – Although a quilted rug will keep your horse warm and comfortable in the stable, it can’t offer protection against the wet weather your horse encounters in the field.

How do I choose the right horse blanket?

Standard size blankets range from 64 inches for small ponies to 90 inches for large draft horses, so carefully measuring your horse is the key to selecting a well fitted blanket that will give him complete coverage. Generally speaking, an average size horse will most likely measure somewhere between 74 and 78.

What is considered a lightweight horse blanket?

When it comes to horse blankets, a Horse Sheet has no insulation, a lightweight blanket may only have 80 – 150 grams of insulation. A medium weight, or mid-weight, usually has between 200 and 300 grams of fill, while heavy weight blankets will have over 380 grams.

What is the difference between a horse blanket and sheet?

A horse sheet is lightweight and has no fill, whereas a horse blanket has filling to keep your horse warm. They come in two varieties: turnout and stable.

What is a heavy weight horse blanket?

200g Fill (medium): A medium turnout rug contains 200-250 fill. Great for mild-chilly nights if you clip your horse and chilly nights if your horse has its natural coat. 300-400g Fill (heavy): A heavy turnout is made for the coldest conditions. Temperature Chart. Below is a chart of blanket recommendations.

What is the difference in horse blankets?

They come in two varieties: turnout and stable. Turnout sheets and turnout blankets are waterproof and designed to be worn when your horse is outside, while stable sheets and stable blankets are not waterproof and meant to be worn when your horse is inside.

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