Is Triple Crown senior a good feed?

It is ideal for horses of any age needing additional fiber and lower starch and sugar levels. This feed can be mixed with water to form a mash for horses that have difficulty chewing and swallowing and has enough bulk fiber to be used as a sole ration for horses unable to eat hay or pasture.

Is Triple Crown senior a textured feed?


Is Triple Crown senior grain-free?

Triple Crown Senior is a grain-free, beet pulp-based, high-fat feed designed to meet the needs of older horses. It provides 17% fiber and can be fed as the sole ration for horses unable to eat forage due to dental issues.

Do senior horses need grain?

Typically, no grain is required but if desired or needed, choose one with restricted starch/sugar and contains added fat (4-7%). In these horses, forage based pellets or cubes could replace 10 to 50% of the long stem/chopped forages.

How much equine senior should I feed my horse?

**Do not feed less than 0.6 lbs per 100 lbs of body weight per day. EXAMPLE: A 1,000 lb horse has ten 100 lb increments (1,000 divided by 100 = 10). So for this horse, do not feed less than 6 lbs per day (10 x 0.6 = 6.0 lbs per day).

Is senior horse feed higher in calories?

These feed ingredients are easily broken down in the horse’s digestive system, providing more calories and a lower risk of impaction colic than less digestible fiber sources. The additional fiber in senior feeds helps replace fiber the horse is missing out on from not eating hay well.

Do older horses need more protein?

Senior horses frequently struggle with a loss of muscle mass or poor topline. Horses with health issues that impact digestion often require additional protein sources to maintain optimal muscling and overall health.

What does senior horse feed have in it?

Senior horse feed should contain low levels of soluble carbohydrates such as sugar and starch, and higher fiber contents. Equine senior feeds are usually made of highly digestible fiber sources such as beet pulp, soybean hulls, and alfalfa meal. These senior horse feeds usually include moderate calories.

Is Equine Senior A complete feed?

Purina Equine Senior is a complete feed in an easy-to-chew formulation targeted to older horses. It contains 14% crude protein, 5.5% fat and up to 19% NSC.


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