Is ovation a good helmet?

Ovation horse riding helmets are ATSM certified (yay, more awesome noggin safety!). They also have a rubber finish and high flow vents for comfort and breathability. Other features to ensure proper fit include an adjustable dial on the back of the helmet and an adjustable harness on the chin strap.

Is ovation a good helmet brand?

Ovation and Troxel are some of the most affordable brands, with products typically in the $50-$100 range. That said, there is an inevitable tradeoff between quality and cost. Ovation and Troxel helmets will neither hold up as well, nor as long, as some pricier brands.

Are ovation helmets round or oval?

Typically, Ovation Helmets and IRH helmets are known for their oval shape, while GPA and Trauma Void helmets fit heads with rounder proportions. Some helmet manufacturers, such as Charles Owen and One K offer round, oval, and long oval shape options.

Are Troxel riding helmets good?

The Troxel is high quality and good looking helmet to protect my daughter during riding. She loves it and wears it in the car to her lessons–not just on the horse. She is very picky about how things feel and she finds it very comfortable.

Are ovation helmets certified?

All our Ovation riding helmets are certified to ASTM or SEI ASTM standards. While helmets are not gender specific, most of our Ovation riding helmets come in larger men’s sizes. Ovation riding helmets have low profiles, are lightweight, with many having features that allow for ventilation as well as sweat absorbtion.

Are ovation helmets ASTM approved?

Ovation riding helmets are all approved to ASTM or SEI ASTM safety standards. Ovation riding helmets are not specifically sized by gender, they are sized from the tiniest XXS through the largest sizes.

How should a horse riding helmet fit?

  1. A snug fit with even, firm pressure around the entire head.
  2. No specific pressure points or gaps.
  3. Helmet locks onto the back of the skull.
  4. Helmet sits level on the head, covering the forehead leaving about an inch above the eyebrows.


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