Is equestrian English riding?

English riding is an equestrian discipline with many different styles; however, at the most basic level, most versions require riders to use both hands on the reins, rather than just one hand, as is seen in western riding. Riders generally “post” or “rise” to the trot (rising and sitting in rhythm with each stride).

Is equestrian Western or English?

English consists of jumping, dressage, equitation, and hunter, while western can include barrel racing, pole bending, roping, trail riding, and reining. Both can be ridden on a competitive level with trophies, ribbons, and prize money.

What is the difference between English and Western horses?

Western horses tend to be compact and capable of steady travel all day with small bursts of speed to chase stray cattle. English style horses tend to be taller and many are leggy, aiding their ability to travel over long distances at a variety of speeds as well as jump over a variety of obstacles.

What is the difference between Western and English Bridles?

One can majorly categorize the bridles into two types – English Bridles and Western Bridles. The most obvious difference in their use is the discipline in which they both are used. English Bridles are used in English Riding discipline and Western Bridles in the Western Riding discipline.

What type of riding is equestrian?

U.S. Equestrian, which is the national governing body for horse-related sports (outside of rodeo and racing), recognizes 18 disciplines ranging from dressage to carriage driving to reining, including the Olympic and Paralympic equestrian disciplines.

What is English Pleasure class?

An English pleasure class is suitable for all horses that can walk, trot and canter in both directions of the arena. This class spotlights the horse that moves the most willingly and evenly — he doesn’t have to be the best mover. The English pleasure horse shouldn’t pull on the reins or refuse to go forward.

What does English riding include?

The competitions include dressage, endurance, eventing, horse racing, horseball, polo, polocrosse, show jumping, and tent pegging.

How many English riding disciplines are there?

When it comes down to it, there are five main English riding disciplines, each of which has a fairly specific focus.


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