Is Dover Saddlery closing?

Dover Saddlery, a Massachusetts-based equestrian apparel and horse tack company, permanently closed its Charlotte shop last week because of “increased security concerns,” the company’s website says.

Who bought Dover Saddlery?

Dover Saddlery Announces Change of Ownership to Promus Equity Partners, LLC. LITTLETON, MA – April 22, 2022. Dover Saddlery, the leading omni-channel retailer of equestrian products, today announces its acquisition by an affiliate of Promus Equity Partners, LLC.

Where is Dover Saddlery based?

Founded in 1975 in Wellesley, Massachusetts, by United States Equestrian team members, Dover Saddlery has grown to become The Source for equestrian products.

How did Dover Saddlery start?

Fresh from the 1972 Olympic Games in Germany, Jim Powers wanted to offer riders in New England a saddlery shop dedicated to providing a broad selection of the best tack available from around the world.

How many stores does Dover Saddlery have?

Our equestrian experts, in all 34 stores nationwide, are riders too and all speak horse! We are there to help you with any of your needs. Visit us today!

Is Dover Saddlery a public company?

Dover Saddlery Inc., the largest U.S. direct marketer of equestrian products, is going public. Dover Saddlery Inc., the largest U.S. direct marketer of equestrian products, is going public.

What is the capital of Dover?

Dover is the capital city of the U.S. state of Delaware. It is the county seat of Kent County, which is in the middle of the state. Dover had 36,047 people in 2010.

Does Dover Saddlery ship worldwide?

We are pleased to inform you that Dover Saddlery is now working with Federal Express CrossBorder to provide shipping options to our valued customers outside of the United States. We look forward to serving you with this new service. Shipping outside of the United States with CrossBorder is easy and efficient!

How long does Dover Saddlery take to ship?

Order arrives 6-9 business days (Monday-Friday) from shipment date depending on receipt location. These orders typically ship within 24-48 hours of the order being placed. Orders are prioritized to arrive within 2 business days (Monday-Friday) if the order is placed by 2pm ET.

Where is Dover from?

Dover, Delaware
Dover Location within Delaware Show map of Delaware Show map of the United States Show all
Coordinates: 39°09′29″N 75°31′28″WCoordinates: 39°09′29″N 75°31′28″W
CountryUnited States

What does a saddlery do?

Saddlery definition – A shop that sells tack. The craft or business of one that makes or sells tack. The work or craft of a saddler. The articles, as saddles, harnesses, bridles, etc., made by a saddler.

What size of English saddle do I need?

A good rule of thumb is that an English saddle seat size will run around two inches larger than a Western saddle. So, if you ride a 15.5” Western saddle, you will likely need a 17.5” English saddle.

What size stirrup irons do I need?

What Size Stirrup Irons Do I Need? In general, the rule is that your stirrup irons should be one inch wider than the width of your boot at the ball of the foot, giving you a half inch of room on either side when in the stirrup.

What size stirrup leathers do I need?

Stirrup Leather Lengths for Hunter, Jumper and Cross Country Riding. For jumping disciplines, the average adult takes 54 inch stirrup leathers. A rider who is short in height may do best with shorter length leathers, from 48 to 52 inch lengths. A tall rider may require a 56 inch length.

What goes on a horse?

Tack is equipment or accessories equipped on horses and other equines in the course of their use as domesticated animals. This equipment includes such items as saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, and harnesses. Equipping a horse is often referred to as tacking up.

Is Dressage Extensions owned by Dover Saddlery?

The goal of the Dressage Extensions has remained the same since its founding, the Company became a subsidiary of Dover Saddlery in 2015.

How many employees does Dover Saddlery have?

Dover Saddlery has 200 employees, and the revenue per employee ratio is $875,000. Dover Saddlery peak revenue was $175.0M in 2021.


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