How tall is the largest horse breed?

Though generally shorter than breeds like the Percheron and the Shire, the Belgian Draft breed still produces some of the biggest horses in the world. The most well-known Belgian Draft horse was Brooklyn Supreme. Standing at 19.2 hands (198 cm) tall and weighing 3,200 lbs (1,451 kg).

How big is the biggest breed of horse?

Shire Horse – The Shire horse is easily the largest horse in the world. These things make other horses look like dwarfs. They range from 17 to 19 hands tall and can weigh up to 2,400 pounds. They were selectively bred to be large for farm and industrial work.

What’s bigger than a Clydesdale?

Belgian horses are bigger than Clydesdales, a Belgian is typically between 16.2 and 17 hands tall and weigh from 1,800 to 2,200 pounds. Clydesdales are slightly taller but weigh less. Belgians are slightly larger overall than Clydesdales; however, size isn’t the only characteristic that distinguishes the two breeds.

How tall is a 17 hand horse?

Light riding horses are typically 14–16 hands (1.42–1.63m), larger riding horses are 15.2–17 hands (1.57–1.73m), and heavy or draft horses are usually 16–18 hands (1.63–1.83m).

How tall is a Shire horse?

Shire stallions average slightly more than 17 hands (68 inches, or 173 centimetres) in height and weigh as much as 2,000 pounds (about 900 kilograms).

How tall was Big Jake the horse?

Big Jake (March 2001 – June 2021) was a red flaxen Belgian gelding horse noted for his extreme height. He stood at 20 hands 23⁄4 inches (210.2 cm or 6 ft 103⁄4 in) tall and weighed 2,600 pounds (1,133 kg).

How tall are the biggest horses?

Big Jake became famous worldwide in 2010 after he was crowned the tallest in the world by the Guinness World Records at an extraordinary 20 hands, 2.75 inches (210.2 centimeters or 82.75 inches.) The average height of a Belgian horse is usually between 16 and 17 hands.

What is the tallest riding horse?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, a Belgian named Big Jake is the tallest horse in the world at 20 hands and 2.75 inches tall (82.75 inches).

How tall is a thoroughbred horse?

Averaging 16 hands (64 inches, or 163 cm) high and weighing about 1,000 pounds (450 kg) at maturity, Thoroughbreds are usually bay, chestnut, brown, black, or gray. Outstanding for speed and stamina, they have been combined with and have improved several other breeds of horses.


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