How often should a horse see the Saddler?

It’s recommended by the Society of Master Saddlers (SMS) that saddles should be checked at least twice a year. However, some horses change shape more often, due to fitness, condition and age and would obviously require more regular visits.

What does a master saddler do?

MASTER SADDLER – MASTER SADDLERS are individuals who are trained, skilled and qualified in their own right to make and repair saddlery and harness. Master Saddlers will hold level 3 City & Guilds saddlery qualifications, have been in the trade for a minimum of 7 years and undergone an inspection of work.

How much money does a saddler make?

How much does a Saddle Maker make? The average Saddle Maker in the US makes $24,796. Saddle Makers make the most in Los Angeles, CA at $24,796, averaging total compensation 0% greater than the US average.

How long does it take to train as a saddle fitter?

Once you’ve found a saddler to work with (who could be from a manufacturer), training to qualify as a saddle fitter takes between three and four years.

How much does a saddler earn UK?

The starting salary for an apprentice saddler may be around £10,000 a year. An experienced saddler may earn around £15,000 to £18,000 a year. Highly experienced saddlers could earn £20,000 or more a year.

How do you start a saddle?

How to make Western Saddles {www downloadshiva com} – YouTube

How do you become a saddle fitter in Canada?

To become a saddle fitter, you need a specialized training. You need to be educated in the anatomy and biomechanics of the horse, in pathology, conformation, training, rider influences and of course, everything about a saddle and a good fit. Everything for the wellbeing of the horse.

How do I know if my wool saddle is flocked?

Wool Panels – A saddle flocked with wool will have leather panels gusseted along the edges of the saddle. A saddle maker will stuff the flocking into the panels to create a firm but springy panel.

Can foam saddles be Reflocked?

Both foam panel and old hard wool panel saddles can be fully reflocked with fresh wool. It is something you will need to ask for specifically because only some saddle fitters provide the service. A full reflock will give you some leeway in allowing for the panels to mold to your horse’s.

What do gel pads do for horses?

The Air Release Gel Pad is a solid hexagonal cell structure that allows the air to circulate over the back. Flexible gel works in synergy with the horse’s movement. It provides non-slip security with low profile that maximizes absorption and minimizes the bulk under the saddle.

What does it mean to have a saddle Reflocked?

Saddle reflocking is the process by which the old material in the saddle panels is removed and. new wool is placed inside the panels. Over time, the wool will compress and become hard, lumpy and bumpy need to be replaced. The saddle will also become unbalanced.

What are saddle panels?

Saddle panels are the weight-bearing surfaces of the saddle that run along either side of the gullet. Saddle panels are designed and intended to distribute weight and pressure evenly along a horse’s back, and they can be filled with a range of materials.

What is a saddle fitting?

The saddle should have 2-3 fingers clearance on the top and around the side of the withers. The saddle must have be an opening (clearance) on the sides of his withers to accommodate the shoulder rotation upwards and backwards during movement. A horse whose saddle pinches his withers may be reluctant to go forward.

How do you find the last rib of a horse?

How to find your horse’s last rib! You NEED to know this for saddle fitting.


What happens in your horse’s saddle fitting appointment?

How to tell if your saddle fits | Kate Ballard, Society of Master …

What to Expect in a Saddle Fit Evaluation – YouTube

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