How much is an Erreplus saddle?

Our Price: $6,000.00 – The Erreplus E-contact monoflap jump saddle has a uniquely designed tree that allows the rider more freedom of movement to adjust their position during Cross Country or Show Jumping while providing both excellent comfort of the knee.

Where are Erreplus saddles made?

Erreplus Saddles. Made in Italy by Robert Rasia and a team of experts, champions and technicians. Erreplus makes Show jumping, eventing and Dressage saddles. Their saddles have been designed with the modern horse in mind with the tree being opened outwards to increase comfort.

How much does a schleese saddle weigh?

Weight24-28 lbs
SEAT SIZES15.0″, 16.0″
CUSTOMIZABLE SEAT INSERTSIncludes 1 Set of 4 foam seat inserts that you can use to personally customize the comfort of your own saddle seat.
RIGGING / BILLET SYSTEMSWestern Rigging System, English Billeting System

Where are schleese saddles made?

Schleese Saddlery Service Ltd. is a Canadian manufacturer of custom-fitted saddles for show-jumping and dressage. It was started in 1986 by Jochen Schleese, a German saddler, in Stouffville, Ontario.

What happens if saddle is too small for rider?

If a heavier rider sits in a saddle which is too small, the rider has no chance for a pliable seat and therefore doubles her natural weight. She is not able to swing through her back nor harmonize with the swinging of the horse`s back.

Can a saddle be too small for horse?

The saddle seat has to be in proportion to the horse as well as the rider. Too short a seat makes the saddle hit at an odd spot on the back, which can put the rider’s center of balance too far forward. A too-long seat can interfere with the hindquarter muscles and compromise your horse’s performance.

Where are duett saddles made?

Our saddles are made in England by a manufacturer with years of experience in the industry, making saddles for a number of well established labels in Europe. Duett is a proprietary name and our saddles are only available through us, our dealers and sales reps.

How do I know if my saddle is too tight?

While you don’t generally see many people riding in saddles that are too large, it’s common to see riders in saddles that are too small. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to fit at least a four-finger width between the end of your seat and the cantle. Any less than that and the saddle is too small.

What is a close contact saddle?

Close Contact Saddles – The Close Contact saddle is also called a Hunt Seat or Forward Seat saddle. They are designed for riders that participate in foxhunting, show jumping, hunt seat equitation, stadium, and cross-country events.

Where should a treeless saddle sit?

Treeless saddles do not have a solid tree to block the rotation of the scapula (shoulder), therefore they should be fitted over the scapula as shown in the diagram above. The red circle represents where the saddle pommel will sit.

What size saddle do I need English?

A good rule of thumb is that an English saddle seat size will run around two inches larger than a Western saddle. So, if you ride a 15.5” Western saddle, you will likely need a 17.5” English saddle.

What saddles are allowed in western dressage?

  • Western saddles that are permitted include stock saddles, work saddles, Aussie, or native or side saddle can be used.
  • A breastplate and/or crupper may be used.
  • Tapaderos are permitted except in Western Dressage Equitation.
  • Whips are allowed no longer than 47.2″ including lash.

Are close contact saddles better?

That means there is less flocking in the panel between the horse and rider’s seat bones, allowing the rider’s leg to gain more contact. Close contact saddles can also give more stability especially on rounder horses like native ponies, cobs and draft horses.

What saddle is used for show jumping?

The all-purpose saddle is the most versatile out of all of the English saddles. A/Ps feature a slightly forward flap; this is appropriate for short stirrup work such as jumping.

Can you jump in a dressage saddle?

You simply will not have the necessary support in a dressage saddle to work with the horse over a jump; you simply will not be able to do proper dressage in a close contact jumping saddle which does not allow the rider to sit properly balanced with a shoulder-hip-heel straight line.

What saddle is used for hunter under saddle?

Considered a Hunter Jumper saddle or more broadly, an English jumping saddle, the Close Contact Saddle is regularly seen in the hunter show ring in Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation and Hunter Over Fences classes.

How many types of saddles are there?

Types. In the Western world there are two basic types of saddles used today for horseback riding, usually called the English saddle and the “stock” saddle. The best known stock saddle is the American western saddle, followed by the Australian stock saddle.

What is a mono saddle?

A monoflap saddle (Fig 1) has a single flap with the girth straps emerging on its underside and the stirrup leathers lying on the outside. Advantages that have been ascribed to the monoflap saddle include a reduction in saddle weight and closer contact between the rider’s leg and the horse’s ribcage.

Why do eventers use Monoflap saddles?

Monoflap horse saddle, a custom jumping saddle – This saddle provides even more contact and comfort to the rider’s legs. The blocks are designed to allow more control especially during cross country. While the monoflap saddle is very popular among eventers, it is also a great horse saddle for showjumping.

Can you show hunters in a Monoflap?

I know a few people who have used a monoflap in the hunter ring with no issues. I used to have a monoflap, but did switch to a regular flap saddle when I decided to ride more regularly in the hunter ring.

What is a Monoflap girth?

These girths are designed to work with a monoflap saddle and may have elastic ends or non elastic ends. These girths are shorter and often come with a belly guard area. Sizes are usually 20-32 inches. Monoflap girths can be synthetic or leather.

What is a dual flap saddle?

The traditional saddle most equestrians are used to is likely what is known as a “dual flap” saddle; around the seat of the dual flap saddle you will normally find the skirt, under which is the D-ring and the stirrup bar for the stirrups to loop around.

What is an event saddle?

The Event saddle is designed more for cross country riding and jumping on a medium seated tree. Like the jumping saddle it is a forward cut with Velcro knee blocks. Our saddles come in four main types. All of our saddles have a soft hide covered seat, and serge panels as standard.


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