How much is a BEMER horse session?

Stand-alone BEMER sessions are $30 per session, plus applicable travel (one fee per barn–group up with others!). A prepaid package of 10 sessions is discounted to $270.

How much does a Bemer session cost?

Bemer sessions cost around $25 to $50 per session.

Is Bemer the same as PEMF?

BEMER is a unique FDA Class II cleared PEMF device designed specifically to target the circulation within the musculature in healthy muscles — the core system necessary for optimal health. Dr.

What is a Bemer session?

BEMER is a great way to boost local blood flow and enhance your athletic performance, recovery, and overall health and wellness. Using the power of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology, BEMER stimulates electrical activity in your muscle cells in just two eight-minute sessions a day.

What are Bemer cuffs?

With the help of the BEMER Horse-Set cuff, you can generate a focused Bemer signal on a specific region of your horse’s body. This is particularly effective in areas of intense strain, for instance at the joints. The cuff’s signal control is just as powerful as that of the horse blanket.

How much is a BEMER pro set?

These devices typically cost thousands of dollars, and the BEMER Pro Set, with its many modules and parts, has a price tag around $5,990.

What does the BEMER red light do?

It’s been proven to boost energy levels while also increasing a person’s metabolism. And it can also reverse the negative, degenerative effects of certain conditions, like neuropathy, while also increasing your vitality.


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