How much does GastroGard cost?

ITEM ITEMSIZE SIZEPRICE MAP PRICE Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) is the lowest advertised price allowed by the manufacturer.
Item: 533RXSize: Box of 7 6 gm tubes$262.99
Item: 353RXSize: Box of 14 6 gm tubes$530.99

Does Gastrogard require a prescription?

GastroGard is a prescription drug. UlcerGard is the FDA approved omeprazole product manufactured by Merial for the prevention of gastric ulcer formation in horses. It is also packaged as a paste in a tube for oral administration.

How much omeprazole can I give my horse?

Omeprazole has been shown to promote healing of spontaneously occurring gastric ulcers in horses when administered for 28 days at a dose of 4 mg/kg bwt/day and to prevent recurrence of ulcers in almost all horses when treatment is continued at a dose of at least 2 mg/kg bwt/day.

How much does ulcer treatment for horses cost?

GastroGard is currently the only drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for treating ulcers in horses. But it’s expensive—a month’s treatment for a full-size horse can cost more than $1,000.

Should you exercise a horse with ulcers?

Exercise intensity may need to be reduced to allow ulcers to heal. For ulcers in the gastric region of the stomach, research has shown that 2 days off a week rather than one is beneficial.

Does baking soda help horses with ulcers?

Baking soda does buffer stomach acid, but it breaks down too quickly to interfere with digestion. And once the sodium bicarbonate breaks down, the stomach acid builds back up to its normal level. The rapid breakdown of sodium bicarbonate also makes it an ineffective antacid to guard the horse’s stomach against ulcers.

How much is a tube of Ulcergard?

ITEM ITEMSIZE SIZEPRICE MAP PRICE Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) is the lowest advertised price allowed by the manufacturer.
Item: 33978Size: 1 ct$38.99
Item: 15547Size: 6 ct multipack$233.94

Does Tractor Supply sell Ulcergard?

ULCERGARD Oral Paste Ulcer Treatment for Horses, 72054 at Tractor Supply Co.

Which is better UlcerGard or Gastrogard?

Both cost exactly the same per syringe. The only differences between the two are product name and labeling: ULCERGARD is labeled for prevention of gastric ulcers at a dose of 1/4 syringe administered daily. GASTROGARD is labeled for treatment of gastric ulcers at a dose of 1 syringe administered daily.

Is corn oil good for horses with ulcers?

Corn oil is the most commonly used vegetable oil to treat ulcers in horses. The corn oil for horses with ulcers is combined with fatty acids that are readily available to make the environment inside the horse’s digestive system less acidic or acidic free.

How do you reduce acid in a horse’s stomach?

Ensure there is some forage in the stomach before fast work, to try and minimise acid splashing onto unprotected areas. Feeding a small meal of alfalfa, which is rich in protein and calcium, two components that help to buffer stomach acid before exercise can be helpful. Feed around 300 g within an hour of exercise.


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