How much does a horse cost for polo?

While entry-level polo ponies sell for somewhere between $5,000 and $15,000 each, and as much as $200,000 for a well-trained thoroughbred, you can also lease a horse, which can cost as little as $125 per chukker or $1,200 a month at polo schools. Vermes leased a horse for three years before buying one.

How much is the most expensive polo horse?

In 2010, Cambiaso and business partner Alan Meeker sold the most expensive polo horse ever brought to public auction, a clone of Cambiaso’s mare Cuartetera for $800,000.

Why is polo so expensive?

The Purple Label often has the most expensive clothing for sale. That’s because the cost of production is quite high. For one, each piece is handmade. Expert sewers carefully put together each outfit and ensure they don’t miss out on any of the details.

How much do the horses in the Olympics cost?

An Olympic horse costs anywhere between $102,000-$142,000. ( – The high price of an Olympic horse is due, in part, to the rigorous training and preparation that is required for them to compete at the international level.

How often do polo horses get hurt?

Results: The cumulative incidence of player-owner-reported injury was 10.6% (95% CI 8.4-12.7). Tendon injuries were most common (4.3%; 95% CI 2.9-5.7), followed by wounds and splints. The only risk factor was stabling all season (odds ratio 4.79; 95% CI 1.46-15.73).

What breed are polo horses?

Polo ponies that originate from Argentina are often considered to be some of the world’s best thanks to the quality of stock and training down there. These horses are often thoroughbreds crossed with an Argentine working horse breed called a criollo, these ponies are often known just as Argentines.

Are there professional polo players?

They are professional athletes very much at the top of their game — Premier League-equivalent players with global renown. But they talk about the job and their talents with a very English understatement — the kind of sports day nonchalance that only men who ride very fast on big horses can really pull off.

How much do ponies go for?

The cost of a good pony can be the same or higher than a horse. Expect prices for suitable first ponies to be about $1,000 and upwards.

How much do polo umpires make?

TIME KEEPER$1,000$50,000
GOAL JUDGE$1,000$50,000

How many polo players are there in the United States?

Polo continues to grow stronger, with current membership exceeding 4,500 members, many of whom are women players. Over two hundred fifty clubs and intercollegiate and interscholastic schools are registered with the USPA.

How much do pro water polo players make?

The pay depends on the team and experience level, likely around 20,000 euros (over $24,000) for first-year Americans in Europe — except for NCAA athletes who forgo a salary in order to retain their amateur status.


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