How Much Are Zed Horses?

Zed Run launched in 2019 but caught fire this spring, after limiting the sales of its horses and capitalizing on a general surge of interest in blockchain tech. Horses now range from $130 to $45,000 based on their programmed characteristics, and they can be run in real-money challenges.

Can you make money on Zed horses?

If you have a horse who can consistently win Races, it stands to reason that you should be able to profit off of that Horse. You get roughly “5.5x” profit for Winning a Paid Zed. Run Race, so it doesn’t take too sharp of a Winning % to make that work….

Is Zed run safe?

Is ZED RUN safe and secure to play? Yes. ZED RUN utilises Smart Contracts to record racehorses ownership and will be tracked via the use of the Ethereum blockchain and ZT ERC 721 non-fungible tokens.

Does Zed run have a future?

When we look at ZED RUN and the state of the ecosystem, we know there is so much more to do. We know we haven’t always hit our timeline targets, but we will endeavour to do better in 2022. Let’s get into what we have planned to evolve and expand beyond BETA.

What are Champion horses worth?

HorseFoaledNominal price
Seattle Dancer1984$13.1 million
Meydan City2005$11.7 million
Snaafi Dancer1982$10.2 million
Jalil2004$9.7 million

Is Zed run an NFT?

ZED RUN is an NFT-based game horse racing game. Learn how to get setup on MetaMask, chose your horse, race, and breed.

How do I join Zed run?

  1. Enter Your First Race. To enter a race, select the class your horse is in (Griffin if unraced) then scroll down until you see the option to pick a gate and enter a racehorse.
  2. Check the Time of Your Race.
  3. Watch the Incredible Race in 3D.

How much has ZED RUN made?

A digital marketplace that lets players buy, breed, and race NFT horses for cash prizes, Zed Run has done more than $30 million in horse sales since launching back in 2019.

How much is a genesis horse in ZED RUN?


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